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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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LJ Hackery
delirium happy
Today has been a vaguely RSIish sort of day, and so to rest my hands I've once again failed to do all the stuff that I've been meaning to do. But instead, I got some other, rather cooler, but less productive, stuff done. See, I was thinking, "wouldn't it be nifty if I had a goathack?" but I figured that there was no real reason for avva to give me one, but that I may as well ask anyway. And then I had a second thought: "wouldn't it be even niftier if I ran an lj server on drusilla?" (drusilla being my own server box). And so I've been playing around with this for the past several hours. This was good for my hands because it involved very little typing, and a whole lot of scratching my head and looking confused. However, in the end I did manage to get it to work! Go me!

However, to do so, I had to make apache exclusively do lj, and not do any other webhosty stuff, which is less than ideal. Not that it actually gets used for much, but I still want to do it properly. My efforts to understand virtualhosts in apache to access the lj install on a different port have been entirely unsuccesful so far. Tomorrow I shall be finding people to bug to explain this to me. Lucky people.

And I have a new user picture. Is it not nifty? 1 point to the first person to know what it is. (points are redeamable at rates depending on how much I like you and if there's anything I want to give to you).

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ask me about apache, lj and virtual hosts tomorrow and I'll help you. I should know how to do it since I've done it!

Either it's related to They Might Be Giants or you're being sneaky and trying to trick people. ;) Do you give out fractions of points?

It's the cover of John Henry, They Might Be Giant's 1994 album.

Rather, it's the photo on the cover. The cover itself has writing as well.

(Though I only own three TMBG CD's--shame on me!--this is one of them.)

i knew this! i did i did! but i was out, darn it!

Back in HS, my then best friend (we weren't together sexually - then, anyway) had the John Henry picture on a t-shirt. People would regularly ask whether it was his girlfriend, (meaning me.)

This icon is what I looked like then. White people with long hair. That's the similarity I see.

You could always install Webmin and have it do all the apache stuff for you.

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