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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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I mean it
delirium happy
Do not follow this link.

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You sadistic bitch.

I can't get that goddamn sound out of my head now.


well my virus checker isn't happy now....

that is one helluva evil link

/me deserves everything she gets


Am I the only one that didn't click?

For those of us who were smart enough not to click, will there ever be a description of what the link was?

Apparently so. And I'm not actually certain what it is myself. Someone mentioned it as an evil popup hell in #lj_support, so naturally I went there. Because I have mozilla set to disallow popups, and to be at least moderately sane about javascript. It didn't seem so bad to me. If you want the full story of how evil it is, you'll have to ask one of the morbidly curious IE users, rather than the sadistic bitch who posted the link.

I didn't click the link, so I'm glad you told us what it was.

About as glad as I am that I didn't click it. I hate popup hell. :)

Some of us morbidly curious IE users happen to also have pop-up blockers. ;)

The window did bounce around the screen like a giddy 3-year-old on acid.

I didn't click.
Though, like rho, I run mozilla s it probably wouldn't have been quite so problematic.

Generally speaking if one is on my friendslist, I trust them enough not to click on shit they tell me not to.

No, I didn't click, either.

I knew there was a reason for that. Smart, are we.


Am I the only one that didn't click?


"You are an idiot"
"You are an idiot"
"You are an idiot"
"You are an idiot"

I am an idiot...

You all are weenies!

Crtl+alt+del are your friend! Clicked on it, shrugged, used Taskmanager to kill it. Sorted.

I do have a popup killer, but I set it to ignore manual popups where I click on them. (Doesn't work sometimes though grrr i.e. it sometimes ignores some of my clicks)

Simple trojans which are written in JS (JSript) language. They exist in HTM-files.
These trojan scripts open many windows of Internet Exporer, which can't be closed by the user. By pressing keys Alt+F4, Ctrl or Del, displays message box, contains text "You are an idiot!".

. o O ( fun )

Re: JS.Trojan.Offiz

*pokes with Nutscrape*

Well, you get the all-singing all-dancing smiley faces flashing at you and calling you and idiot...but you can at least close the popups. I got 'em when I hit the back button, and there were 6 of them. Killed 'em pretty quick, because the chorus of the thing playing 6 times was giving me a headache after two seconds. Made my eyes water.

I'm very tempted to send this URL to people who send me badly formatted fanfic and generally irritate the fuck out of me.

use crazy browser, so no pop ups for me. :)

(Deleted comment)
Whyever not? It's quite cute and pretty, with 'no popups' on Opera (killable from the tab bar, wanders around happily inside the window). Oh, and speakers turned off.

i clicked.

i haychoo :-)


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