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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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(no subject)
delirium happy
I've just completed ADoM again. My 7th victory. This time with a gnome bard.

...which none of you care about at all. What you might care about is that I now have my life back, and a chance of actually getting stuff done. Which is nice.

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that's what you think

in reality, you're just twitching to have just one more go with a different character ;)

i care about it. well done :D

im too fond of taking new characters on suicide missions though. i like character generation a lot and i like the system it uses.

i still haven't even rescued the carpenter with any of my characters (although i verily got the thieffy guy and did that quest.

its a rather addictive game. damn you, i need to go play it now :p

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