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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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(no subject)
delirium happy
I just wrote a nice cheery entry, about the parcel that arrived through the post from amazon this morning, and then I got struck by a random (read: I don't want to talk about it) wave of depression instead, and then the mains tripped, wiping what I'd written, and I can't be bothered writing it up again. Maybe later. But yes. I'm feeling marginally crappy. Hopefully it will pass as quickly as it came on.

So now I'm going to make an effort to say something non-depressing, because I don't like having entirely depressing entries, but I still don't want to retype all the earlier stuff.

Oh, I know. I was looking at ratkrycek's user info page earlier, and I noticed that she mentioned she was an INTP. And since I hadn't done so for a while, I decode to take one of those tests to see what I am, and it told me that I was an INTP as well, which I guess seems about right. Actually, i was borderline between INTP and INFP, with a slight leaning towards the former, which also seems about right. Although in reality, I'm a little bit of everything, all roled into one. I'm changable, and could most likely get all 16 of the possibilities depending on mood. But IN*P seems about right as an average.

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Sometimes I think I'm on the line, as well, but most Fs think I'm a T. *shrug*

I could see you as an INTP, absolutely.

I don't know what I am, but I've been told I have a fetish for INTPs.

My girlfriend isn't one, but in the fandom group I hang out in, 3 of the people I'm most friendly with are INTPs.(nostrademons, quackkwak, sporkmistress).

I don't even know what these tests mean. Maybe I'll take one this afternoon.

Five'll get you ten you're an INTP. ;)

Second choice: INTJ, but INTPs have more fun. :P

Of course, the INTP/?/INFJ theory would have you as a possible INFJ.

Quickie, "in general" thingy:

 * INTROVERTs "recharges" by spending time alone. *
   EXTRAVERTs "recharges" by spending time with others. 

   * INTUITIVEs are interested in future possibilities and trusts
   their "hunches." * SENSORs are more interested in trusting their
   past experiences.

   * FEELERs make personal judgments, and are likely to feel how
   others are feeling. * THINKERs make impersonal judgments and are
   not likely to take on others' emotions.

   * JUDGERs work to completion on projects. They do not like to
   leave things undone. Once a decision has been made, they prefer to stick
   with it. * PERCEIVERs are "process" oriented. They believe the
   "final decision" can always be revised. 

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