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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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anxiety attack
hiding, cousin it
Today I was meant to be going to the job centre to have an interview about how my job hunt has been going, etc. Except that I had a really bad depression/anxiety attack, of the sort that leaves me entirely unable to leave the house, like I haven't had for ages. Until today. *sigh* I hate depression. Really truly loathe the thing.

I rang up the job centre who were less than sympathetic. My current plan is to just ignore the whole thing today, because my mental health always comes first, and if i can't cope then I can't cope. Then tomorrow or the day after, I shall contact the citizen's advice bureau, or my doctor, or someone, and look into trying to get disabled living allowance instead.

But on the plus side, I only feel like shit. I no longer believe that I am shit. Which is a definite improvement over a few years ago.

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*big hug*

I'm sorry you feel like shit, but I'm glad you recognize that you are not shit. I happen to think you're pretty damn cool and insightful, actually.

Yes, mental health should always come first.

*another hug, just cause*

Your comment just made me cry, also for the first time in quite a while, although not jnearly as long as the time since my last anxiety attack like that. But they were good happy tears, so that's OK.

My personal thoughts are that you should get a GP appt sometime this week and get a sicknote for anxiety attack - or at least discuss it with GP. Then hand in sicknote to jobcentre and don't let them give you shit. If you had a physical illness which was unpredictable you'd hopefully get more sympathy, mental health should be no different.

(The aboe all being if you can handle it after today)

Also if you want me to come with you for moral support LMK. I am happy to be snotty at job centre ppl on your behalf and or help you with CAB. The local C.A.B number is 01227 761 493 - got it off irc when googling for Nat earlier.

DLA/incapacity might well be your better options...

CAB ppl will definately be able to tell you if JobCentre are allowed to be evil to you.


They're NOT allowed to be evil to you over this. I know this having actually broken down in the job centre myself - they couldn't thrust the box of tissues and incapacity benefit forms at me fast enough. Not that I actually used them, but I know they have to offer it to you as an option if needs be. And weirdly, the advisor I had was the bitch from hell, then turned into one of the most helpful and nicest people I ever met after the panic session - she's the one that actually found me a job.

Rho - best bet is to ask them next time you go in for incapacity benefit forms. If you tell them that you can't cope at the moment, and will be seeing your GP, they should be fine with that, if not sympathetic. If they get nasty with you and refuse, demand to see their supervisor and make a complaint about them. In fact, taking barakta along is a good idea. They tend to be more helpful if there's someone else there to get pissy with them. But they can't refuse you - you have every right to try for incapacity benefit.

I don't know you, but I hope things work out for you.

Yeh quite....

Its just a case of getting them to realise Rho isn't just being a lazy sod or whatever, and that rho is genuinely unable to attend when having a bad panic attack/day etc....

I just hope that Rho is gonna be ok, stress from benefits crap is evil and not conducive to good mental health.


They weren't evil at me as such, just very unsympathetic, unhelpful and abrupt. I rang them up when I really really didn't want to, but figured it was infinitely better than going in, and stammered horribly down the phone at them. They guy on the other end said something like "Oh. So you're unavvailable for work then.". I stammered a bit more, and did manage to get him to tell me that I had to go in within five working days or my claim would be cancelled, and even if I did that I'd have to make a statement which would go off for people to look at to decide whether or not to cancel my claim anyway. Which was really helpful. No really.

I'm going to speak to Natalya about it at some point, and try to come up with a coherent plan of action. Preferably one that doesn't involve going within 100 yards of the job centre, or having no money.


The job centre aren't allowed to be nasty to you, iirc, get your butt round to your doctor asap, and have a word...

Just keep hangin' in there and always anticipating better and brighter moments to come. It'll take some time, but eventually the problem will disipate into nothingness---as long as you're in the right frame of mind of course.

And I have faith. :)


I have a favour to ask of you

Hello My name is Jasmine and I have been searching livejournal randomly.. I really REALLY want one and nobody is generous enough to help me out with a code.. So I was wondering if you could help me out if that is possible.. If so my e-mail address is jazzybaby@hotmail.com I will also check back to see if you have answered me.. Thank you very much:)

(Screened comment)

Re: I have a favour to ask of you

I've screened your comment, because I don't want to advertise code sharing communities. Those places are evil. It's probably best not to point at other users either, because I don't trust random anoymous people to follow the instructions and not just whinge for a code. And I know for a fact that the people you've mentioned have better things to do with their time. Nothing personal, I just didn't want the original person to see it.

Re: I have a favour to ask of you

I understand. Thanks for the comment.

Re: I have a favour to ask of you

Thing of it is, Jasmine, is that LiveJournal has sort of a code of conduct. It is considered very rude on Planet LiveJournal to go into someone's journal (or house) and ask for a code. The proper way to go about getting a code would be to ask a friend of yours who has a LiveJournal if they would be so kind as to give you a code, or to ask around for one for you.

You certainly don't go up to a support volunteer and admin and ask them for a code. That angers them a lot, and they tend to have their minions, like me for instance, come and yell at the person. Now, you kinda lucked out, I guess. I'm very tired and even at the apex of my alertness I'm not known for being nasty. In fact, rho might just delete this whole thing.

But no, she isn't going to give you a code. You broke one of the first rules of LiveJournal.

Go fish.

Re: I have a favour to ask of you

I have an easy way for you to earn three codes. collect 100 soda pop bottles (the glass ones) and bring them to Michigan. Take them to the redemption center and you'll have $5 which will give you two codes immediately and another after one week!

Re: I have a favour to ask of you

ok im sorry i asked.. i had no idea.. i have asked my friends with livejouranl and they told me to do this.. so again i am sorry

You are nothing like shit, shit is smelly and horrible and you're the lovely wonderful Rho! *hugs*

I wish I was rich enough to hire you and sath for a nice, comfy, work from home job so you wouldn't have to deal with all of the crises.

Sadly, I'm American, and middle-class, and not an heir to any billionaires.

I thought of both of you anyway? :)

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