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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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anxiety attack
hiding, cousin it
Today I was meant to be going to the job centre to have an interview about how my job hunt has been going, etc. Except that I had a really bad depression/anxiety attack, of the sort that leaves me entirely unable to leave the house, like I haven't had for ages. Until today. *sigh* I hate depression. Really truly loathe the thing.

I rang up the job centre who were less than sympathetic. My current plan is to just ignore the whole thing today, because my mental health always comes first, and if i can't cope then I can't cope. Then tomorrow or the day after, I shall contact the citizen's advice bureau, or my doctor, or someone, and look into trying to get disabled living allowance instead.

But on the plus side, I only feel like shit. I no longer believe that I am shit. Which is a definite improvement over a few years ago.

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(Screened comment)

Re: I have a favour to ask of you

I've screened your comment, because I don't want to advertise code sharing communities. Those places are evil. It's probably best not to point at other users either, because I don't trust random anoymous people to follow the instructions and not just whinge for a code. And I know for a fact that the people you've mentioned have better things to do with their time. Nothing personal, I just didn't want the original person to see it.

Re: I have a favour to ask of you

I understand. Thanks for the comment.

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