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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Random updates
delirium happy
It seems that I haven't written anything here for 5 days. And given that my last entry was such a negative one, this probably isn't optimal. So what have I been doing since? Well, I decide mental health comes first, so screw the job centre. I need to deal with the fallout from that though, but my sleep patterns haven't been helping on that point. But in all, I'm feeling a whole lot better.

There have been a couple of minor dramas over in support recently. Firstly, there was the very minor drama that I was involved in.There was some syndication stuff happening that I was Not Happy about. This minor drama was solved by actually talking about it, and working to a sensible conclusion. In the end I got my own way (probably because rahaeli just wanted me to stop nagging her about it), and everyone was happy.

Then there was the other minor drama that I wasn't really involved with, which wasn't really resolved at all, due to a complete lack of sensible communication, where people thought that random non-specific whining would work better. It didn't. I'd pretend to be surprised, except I'm not.

I've also been enjoying the amazon order i mentioned a little while ago -- a book of norse myths, the add on to civ 3, and a dvd of The Addams Family Values have all been a lot of fun.

The electric tripping pretty much every day have been less fun. "Prone to making me want to bang my head against a wall until I lose consciousness" would be a more accurate description.

I've also been talking quite a bit with ratkrycek who is amazingly cool and I like her a lot. Our minds seem to function in very compatible ways. And she said that I have a sexy voice, which made me giggle, swoon and boggle in pretty much equal parts.

And then today I got into a discussion about whether unary was a valid number base. If you enjoy masochism or mathematics, then you can look at the tail end of it.

And I'm sure that more stuff has been happening, but I can't think of anything else just now.

(Actually, having come to put in a mood (or not) I've been reminded of the weird bug I found where LochJournal doesn't like posting without a mood)

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Your 'tail end of it' link is busted. Looks like it's trying to do the 'relative link' thing - it gets an extra www.livejournal.com on the start of it.

Fixed now, hopefully. I was just missing an http:/ due to dodgy copy and pasting.

Random non-specific whining never works. A problem can't be solved if no one knows what the problem is - but you know that. :)

And, I feel so happy seeing your message. I enjoy talking with you, too!

Might wanna fix the URL on the link to the math geek stuff, though. ;)

Too true, Rho=Sexy. Im sure I could get along with ratkrycek ;)

But what if you enjoy masochism AND mathematics?

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