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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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I like okapi
delirium happy
I just created a country and you should too!

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Ooh! I created one too: Berrowal. My animal is squirrel. :)

Already have:


It was a 'Left-Wing Utopia' when I started...

Ankh Morpork region!
*conciders moving to Ankh Morpork*

I'm in the region of Seattle.

But I'll check out the other regions, too.

I like this game!

I like that name. *smile*

Eh.. I played there for a while. It was interesting for about 2 weeks and then you realize that there is no real way to wage war against another nation, that the political dilemmas are so black and white as to be boring due to the extremism and that the servers slow to a slug's crawl when they get hit...

If you have fun with it, best o' luck to you, but not for me anymore.

the kingdom of gilly is now in existance...

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