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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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I am terrible
delirium happy
I am Mean and Evil and Bad and Wrong.This is hardly news, but still. Last night I had far too much fun shameless and mercilessly flirting with maria_gorbatova. Now, to use her own words, she had never flirted with anyone, whom she could reference as a she. Poor girl. But it's not as if I had any choice. I'm incorigible; she's cute. What else could I have done? She clearly didn't have the slightest possible clue as to how to respond, was pretty much totally speechless and most probably had turned beetroot coloured by the time I was finished. It was all very very sweet. And I'm Mean and Nasty, but it was fun.

The other day, she said I should go to Moscow and visit her. I'm wondering if she's changed her mind now. It's very tempting though. I'd love to go back to Moscow now that I'm actually old enough to appreciate it, and to not be in a complete hectic rush the whole time, but oh, the money. Maybe I should actually, like, get a job or something.

This is the thing that I don't much like about the internet (ok, it's one of the things...); you get to meet people from all over the world. I mean, this may sound great, but it's a pain really. I want to meet everyone, and they all live too far away. I want to make good on all the invites I've received, some day, and to go visit maria_gorbatova in Russia and ruthi in Israel and anyone-else-who'll-have-me in wherever-they-are. Anyone know any dying millionaires who are desperately searching for heirs?

One of the other things I don't like about the internt is that it uses computers. And computers suck. More specificly, my computer sucks. It randomly locked up, necessitating a reboot, no fewer than three times yesterday. If it carries on like that, it's going to be reinstall time soon.

And I'm sure I had more I wanted to write about, but I can't think of it, and if I wait much longer then I'm afraid a crash will kill what I've written so far. So that will have to do.

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My computer used to be like that. It'd freeze, like, once every half hour and would require at least three reboots to get it to work again. And then I reformatted [voluntarily - i backed up my files and reformatted] and everything works well now. And they lived happily ever after. The End.

I want to meet everyone, and they all live too far away

Well, instead of spending quite so much time on the 'net, why not spend some of it researching and building a teleportation device?
I had to shelve my initial plans for one because some git blabbed and now I'm in hiding until those big men from Ford stop following me.

I would do, but all my resources are currently being directed towards perfecting the orbital mind control laser.

Once you have the laser perfected, you can make them leave her alone and we'll get teleportation. Unless the cats get at the laser controls, in which case all the planet's resources will be devoted to fishing and making laps.

Flirting? *goes to see logs*


I didn't change my mind about you coming to Moscow :)

You do realise that replying like that just makes me want to do it again, only worse, right?

*smiles sweetly*
*blows kisses*

No, I didn't realize that. %)

Well, you do now. I'll be waiting for you on IRC, cutie :)

1. Wow. Alita is really cute. This is something I had not known before. SHall have to search out more pictures when I am not on a keyboard that makes me feel pain just looking at the way I'm typing. (What is it about computer labs that encourages horrible ergonomics?)

2. Agree on the wanting to go everywhere part. If I could I would travel to at least 6 places just in the US right now. I have no car, no money, no form of transportation: and I want to see the world.

3. Sorry about your computer. Is it running an NT based OS yet? (XP, 2k... nt?) If not, you may want to think about upgrading: I have a copy of one of those lying around somewhere (somewaht legal even!) That I could send if you don't have one. I've found that XP gives me weeks of uptime: my computer goes down more often cause i trip over the powercord than because of a restart. It's nice. That's why I don't feel horrible hosting people on peanut. It's got fairly good uptime... my uni network is down about the same % of time (of course, as an enduser you have to combine those: Uni net downtime + rabbit downtime = peanut total downtime). But still.

Lalala. Rambling. Don't corrupt alita too much. Save some of her for me ;)

I'm running 2K. Generally this has been extremely reliable for me. The three crashes that I had yesterday is probably comparable to the number I'd had in the preceeding 6 months, so something is definitely up. I'm suspicious that the frequent power trippings and resultant forced shutdowns have b0rked something. But no crashes so far today, so I'm crossing my fingers.

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