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Our survey said...
delirium happy
It seems that people have stopped taking my friends test thing now, so I think it's time to go over the results. Of course, I'm practically wetting myself over doing this as it combines two of my great loves: knowing what people really think about me, and pointless statistics. The test was taken a total of 45 times, one of which was sath taking it for a second time after being told half of the answers, and so shouldn't really count. And I even managed to figure out who most of the people taking it were, based on the names they filled in. I know too many Robs and Peters though, apparently. But anyway. The questions.

The first question asked how many digits of pi I know. Not a single person figured that I knew a mere 3 digits, and rightly so. The most popular answer was 13, which got two more votes than the correct answer of 21. And I'm patheticly flattered by the 8 people who said 30.

The second question saw you all utterly fail to know that my first ever girlfriend was called Amy. The most popular answer (given by 18 people) was Nikki, who was in fact my second, but first remotely serious, girlfriend.

I've had multiple complaints about the third question and rightly so. I asked what my gender was. Nobody said male, 9 people went for female, 5 said both, 14 said something else entirely, and 17 people said that I don't have one which was the answer I was looking for. The correct answer is possibly that it depends on mood, what side of the bed I got out of that morning and the phase of the moon. The "none" answer fits most of the time though.

Question 4 was much more clear cut. Iasked what my favourite computer game is, and a whopping 28 of you correctly answered ADOM. What surprises me is that of the remaining 17, only one person went for Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, which is my second favourite.

The next question seems almost as clear cut, with 25 of you thinking that my favourite film is the Rocky Horror Picture Show. The problem here is that it's the wrong answer. I do love it, but it just isn't Star Wars. I am a pathetic Star Wars fangirl. And yes, RotJ is my favourite. I like the ewoks. You may shun me now.

For the 6th queston, the majority of you succesfully managed to identify my favourite dress as a purple one (although it always looks blue in photos (and that one is a horrible photo taken when I was sunburned and half dead from exhaustion, but not to worry)). The least popular answer was pink, which only one person guessed at. I don't actually own one, but I am thinking now that i really ought to buy one.

Question 7 was almost a trick question. I asked which of 5 colours my hair has never been. I've only ever dyed my hair once. It started off brown, then half of it got dyed black, and the other half got bleached blonde and then immediately dyed pink. So red is the correct answer. The most popular answer was blonde, which I guess I should take as a compliment, although apparently the blonde really did suit me.

For the eighth question, I wanted to know which book I don't own. I do own Neuromancer, Fahrenheit 451, Crime and Punishment and The Selfish Gene. The one book I don't own is Linux For Dummies which 19 of you knew (or guessed) making it the mot popular answer. The book that most of you were convinced that I do own was Fahrenheit 451, doubted by only 3 of you.

Next, I asked how many piercings I have. Most of you said none at all, which is almost right -- I actually have one in each ear lobe, which never have anything in them. making the 14 people who said two correct. Nobody thought I had 8, and only one person said 6.

Finally, I asked when I started doing LiveJournal volunteer work. Responses here were pretty evenly distributed -- 8, 8, 8, 12 and 9. The 12 people who said August '02 were the ones hwo got it right.

Now wasn't that fun?

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What fun! Bounce! I assumed you knew a longer pi, as Andy knows it to a ridiculous amount of digits, so I thought you would too *G*

Are you trying to imply that 21 figures isn't a ridiculous ammount to know? :)

Thought you said you only knew it to 3, which I myself do & I'm not a geek *g*

I think that 21 and 3 digits aren't that "nice" a number of digits to know... I prefer to learn such things to a point where the next digit is less than 5, so that I can round by truncation (otherwise truncation would be less accurate than rounding but rounding would change the least significant place). So I think 3.14159 is a decent approximation, as is 3.14, but I wouldn't like 3.142 or 3.1416, and I think 3.141 or 3.1415 are even worse.

(I currently knows 17 places well [and have done so for years], 27 less securely. I used to know just over 100 for a short while after a pissing contest with a friend before I got bored of one-upping him each week with a dozen more decimal places. He won, at 150 memorised places, when I lost interest.)

Oh, and I like the fact that if you know five decimal places of e, you can easily remember nine decimal places as well.

Wah, I failed you :(

No you didn't. *kiss*

yey! *picks you up and carries you off for snuggles*

Hmm. Linux for Dummies seems like a book you WOULD have. Then again, I don't think that you need anything for dummies regarding computers: You've probably been using them since I was in diapers or something.

(Sidenote: my girlfriend has been using computers since she was in diapers. When she was 1 year old, her dad programmed a "game" that made sounds and shapes when you pounded on the keyboard. Cutest picture in the world, seeing the little girl banging on a keyboard when she's that small :))

Well, my brother had a ZX81 and an amstrad CPC 664, and I used them a lot wghen I was little. My first PC was a P75 though, which must have made it around about 1996, which isn't all that long ago really. And although I don't actually own Linux For Dummies, I do have something similar. The Complete Idiot's Guide To Linux, or something like that.

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