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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Rate Limiting
delirium happy
I have toothache. This caused me to not get enough sleep last night. I'm also feeling energyless and dehydrated, as if I'm coming down with a virus. As such, I am decidedly not a happy bunny.

But anyway. This rate limiting thing.

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IRC logs

My thoughts:

The idea of limiting people to sane usage to try to stop the site from sucking is not in and of itself a bad idea.
The implementation utterly sucked. It didn't take into account all sorts of stuff (communities, multiposts, etc.). It was a reactionary hack that as clearly not thought through properly. Brad does this a lot (syncitems, the lastn view for syn accounts, etc.) and it pisses me off.
I don't think I've ever posted 20 times in a day, so personally this doesn't make a difference to me.
I gained some respect for Brad when he realised that his implementation sucked and turned it off again.
On the other hand, he has all the tact of a psychotic elephant in a peanut factory. This is hardly news, but it still grates.

Overall, I'm reserving judgement. If this is modified to be sane before being reimplemented, and if Brad shows any sign of giving a damn about volunteers, then all is well. Othrwise, I'm going to be reconsidering my position. Let's see how things go.

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Much as I'd not complain about the concept of limits, and can't understand how LJ runs for the budget, some forethought and forewarning would be a good idea.

When you're running a little pet site of your own, you can hack the code to do what the heck you want without telling anyone. Heck, on the user levels I get I can break the whole thing for five minutes and no-one notices.

When you have almost a million users, this luxury is lost.

But $12/year/user is almost 10 times what LJ runs on. Given that sort of budget hike, I'd hope LJ itself could run rather more smoothly.

And if xb95 really believes himself when he says "Keep in mind that your LJ friends can still see your entries if you migrated, due to the nature of RSS. You could see theirs too. It wouldn't hurt you any.", he *really* needs to think about this a lot harder.

And if [userinfo.gif] xb95 really believes himself when he says "Keep in mind that your LJ friends can still see your entries if you migrated, due to the nature of RSS. You could see theirs too. It wouldn't hurt you any.", he *really* needs to think about this a lot harder.

Why-- because it'd only show URLs, not content? <puzzled/>

No - RSS can carry summaries as well as titles and URLs. Admittedly most don't, including the new /username/rss/ feeds *from* LJ.

LJ and its clones can be coded to put as much/little of this information into the feeds and syndicated journal displays as desired.

The issue is one of security. RSS is only really suitable for public posts; most people make at least some friends-only posts. These would be lost when viewing through an RSS feed.

RSS feeds work on the basis of being the same for everyone - so for the thousand or so people who read the Onion feed on LJ, only one fetch is required. If you were to try to fetch secured items through RSS, you'd have a different feed for every single person.

And then you've got to authenticate it. AFAIK there is no standard of password-protection for RSS feeds - none of the feedreader applications I've seen appear to support one. So you'd have, for example, to put ?username=x&pass=y in the feed URL - and have an account on the site sourcing said feed. With many desktop readers designed to share blogrolls (lists of RSS URLs) freely, this is an even greater security weakness than first appears.

Other times, people limit comments to "registered user" or "friends only". Without an account on every journal site that your friends happen to use, you'll be excluded from this too.

Perhaps some variant of the LJ Client Protocol would work better than RSS - but that, too, suffers from the "accounts everywhere" problem.

Thinking about it again today, and browsing around, I found that Radio Userland's aggregator can use private RSS feeds (i.e. ones where you need to use HTTP authentication to get at the data). No sign of other clients being able to do the same, though, but then again there presumably aren't many servers which can offer it. If something large like LJ were able to offer it, it might encourage other developers to build it into their clients.

And of course the concept of filtered posts is such an important part of LJ that RSS on LJ isn't too useful without it. Hmm... I might try writing a patch.

(Of course, I'm only thinking of getting entries from LJ to the outside world here. Going the other way would be a whole 'nother ball game within the current system, as you say; I doubt parameterised friends will happen.)

(Deleted comment)

Re: I tend to agree

There was a support request from someone who had been using YaxJournal and was thinking of moving to a different journaling site due to the lack of syncitems.

*hugs* for the toothache. I've got the same thing atm. I think it hurt more after the first visit to the dentist yesterday (two more to go), but that was only for the night. It seems a fair bit better today. I can recommend drinking fluids (not too much though) and also two nurofen (a la the instructions on the packet). For me they seem to have dulled most of the pain, down to ignorable levels, although not completely nuked it.

eeep re LJ

Must say I wouldn't have a problem with limiting free users to X posts a day, and paid users to 20+, but thats me. I don't post much, mostly read other peoples and comment every now and then. If I used it any more than I do now, I would pay for it because it is a good service.

Hope the politics settle down - eeek

Oh and I have nurofen upstairs. I'll leave some by the toaster for you to take, if you don't need it then lmk. Word of warning is u do need to eat something with the nurofed or it'll make u feel sick and isn't good for ya.

Hugs and hope all the crap goes away
/me goes to rehide under a rock

*choke* "psychotic elephant in a peanut factory"...I just fell off my chair, onto Casey. He squealed, and Gryff licked my glasses. Your fault.

Anyways, I think Brad's being more reasonable now. 50 posts per day for paid users.

Ergh, my paid account runs out the end of next month. If I send you a money order, could you buy me another half a year, or year, or whatever amount I can scrape together? *smooch*

Lucky you and your permanent account :-p

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