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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Pond slime
delirium happy
I have something of a personal rule, that I will not do on IRC things that I wouldn't do in person. For example, I will not *hug* on IRC people who I wouldn't feel comfortable actually hugging. I certainly will not kiss on RC people who I wouldn't kiss in person, and I will slap anyone who tries it. I'm sure I've written before about my dislike of anything goes IRC, and trying to treat IRC like real life helps me to keep this line. It's a good personal rule, and I like it.

(as an aside, to those few people who I do frequently offer virtual kisses to, yes, that generally means that I like you a lot -- sufficiently to exchange that ammount of affection with you. That probably doesn't actually mean a great deal, beyond the tautologous, but make of it what you will)

Today, I am trying to figure out whether or not I broke my own rule. What I "did" was pour a gallon of pond slime on tenshisama, and I'm trying to figure out whether I would actually do that IRL or not. Leaving aside the question of practicality (as I haven't a clue where I would actually find that much pond slime) I think that the only answer i can give is "possibly". I have no personal objections to covering Tenshi in slime (actually, I think it would be quite a fun thing to do. I'm odd like that). Also, if I were to do something like that in person, then I would fully expect revenge to be forthcoming, and a similar fate to happen to me, and I'd accept that. However, even though it was kind of deserved, in the context of the conversation, it was a gross over-reaction. And I would worry that if I did something like that in real life, then it would make tenshi unhappy, and that would be a bad thing.

So like I said, overall I'm not sure whether I broke my own rule or not. So, after consideration, I've decided this: in order for me to convinced that I acted according to my rule, in my head I feel as if I actually truly did pour a gallon of pond slime over tenshi. This a mean thing to do, and I deserve to be repaid in kind. As such, I'd like to make the following request: Tenshi, if I ever meet you in person, and if it would give you any ammount of pleasure at all to do so, then can you lease cover me in slime (doesn't have to be pond slime; any slime will do) or extract some other form of comparable revenge. Yes, I know this is a highly unusual request, but if you'd agree then it would make me happier about myself, and I haven't a clue if we're ever likely to actually meet anyway.

And yes, I'm well aware that I'm probably overanalysing this. And yes, I'm well aware that I'm probably making very little sense right now due to lack of sleep. And yes, I'm also well aware that I've mostly likely broken my personal rule many times before. However, this time I actually noticed myself doing it, and I'm feeling vaguely annoyed with myself for it. Hence the weirdness.

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Perhaps overanalyzing just a little. But if it helps I can gather some pond slime for her to use. Let me know where to ship it.

*giggles a lot*

okies, i will put a little bit on slime on you if it makes you feel better :) i'm thinking that kinda slime that you can make in chem class... it's wierd looking and goopy. good slime

as for would i object... it depends, if it was sudden, i might scream. heck, i'd probably scream no matter what. but at long as it didn't have dead bugs or anything in it, and there was a big shower close by... hmmm... i'd live :)

OK, no dead bugs (how about live ones? :)), a nice shower and a good pair of earplugs. I think I can manage that. *manic cackle*

(and thank you)
*huggles the tenshi*

It may just be the channels I hang out in, but surreal and disproportionate rewengy seems quite common. Trying to map that to RL just wouldn't work for me.

That said, I believe I'm fairly consistent about who I'd hug online and IRL, and tend to present a fairly similar persona in both cases.

The main difference being, I've never dropped Luxembourg on anyone IRL. Amazing how it can calm a channel at times, though.

I tend to be cautious about the things that people actually are capable of IRL, but when things get highly impractical I'm quite happy to do insanely improbable and disproportionate things to people in that kind of vein as long as they're amusing. They wouldn't be so amusing IRL because of the consequences (online you dry out instantly if you like and don't go down with any evil diseases or have to spend the next day picking pondweed from your hair, for instance).

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