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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Holidays in the axis of evil
delirium happy
I've just watched an intereting TV program, Holidays in the axis of evil which is about an inside view from the "world's most evil countries" -- this week, from North Korea. It showed more or less entirely what I expected; some really nice people, who were initially distrustful of the westerners making the film, but got to know and trust them, and showed themselves to have a good sense of humour, real hopes and dreams and everything, only living in a nation of excessive propoganda. Lots of references to war-mongering imperialist America.

This was entirely expected. What then brought it home was at the end, they spoke to an American, who admitedly had just been in a Korean jail for 10 days for making a joke about the North Korean president, and as such could hardly be expected to be objective, who referred to "communist pigs". Propoganda works both ways.

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There's another side to the story for every individual involved.


And I am beginning to fear I may no longer be able to express my discontent with the actions of my government, lest my birthright citizenship be revoked.

I am, of course, referring to the proposed expansion of the Patriot Act which dictates that, should I be found to be associated with or a member of a "terrorist organisation," my United States citizenship will be revoked. The question is, what counts as a terrorist organisation?

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