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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
So I was sitting thinking about my last poll, and wondering what would actually happen if I did live my life by blindly following the results of LiveJournal polls, Dave Gorman style. And then I had a second idea. What if I actually did that for red nose day (note for merkins and other aliens: the basic premise of this is that people do silly things, and other people give them money for charity for doing said silly things; I'm sure you get the idea). The essential thought being that I create a new community, and give membership to anyone who pays me some arbitrary ammount, say £5, through paypal. Then every day for a week I put a friends only poll with options for what I should do the next day, people vote, and I do whatever option gets the most votes the next day. Simple.

But obviously, this needs two things to work. Firstly, it would need for people to be willing to give money for it. Votes between only three people just don't work. Secondly, and equally obviously, it needs stuff to be voted on for what I should do. This could be anything from the sensible ("write my essay for me", "answer a whole heap of support requests") to the silly ("take a hsower fully clothed and put picures of it on the web" "dye your hair bright orange") or just about anything really. Though I reserve the right to not do anything that is illegal or particularly outlandish, or to require an additional charity payment in such cases (for example, if someone wanted me to get my nipple pierced I might say that I'm not so keen on that, but if you give me extra money for charity then I'll do it. But mostly I anticipate doing whatever people suggest and only asking for more money if I need it to cover expenses). So now for the obligatory poll:

Poll #101350 charity

Is this idea nifty or dumb


Would you sponsor me (£5 to vote for all week) if I did this?

Yes, but £5 is too much

Could you think up ideas for stuff for people to vote on?


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The main reason I wouldn't pay up is the paypal thing; if I could just hand over a £5 note somewhere, I would, but I only have a pathetic Electron card that doesn't play nice with anything but holes-in-the-wall.

Well, paypal was only a suggestion as the method most likely to be most easy for most people. I'd happily accept cheques through the post, or any other way anyone can think of to pay.

aye! I can't use paypal! I have no cards to use with it...

Then give cash to someone else who has a card and get them to paypal, or to send me a cheque through the post, or whatever. If you have £5 that you want to give to me then I am absolutely positive I can figure out a way of getting it from you to me. Paypal is no excuse :)

It's nifty if you give me an LJ code
I'll pay if you give me an LJ code
I'll think of ideas if you give me an LJ code

I don't want an LJ, I just want to help control your life for a week :D & I can't do that without a code :(

If you're who I think you are, then ask me for a code on icq and I'll give you one. I have millions of the things. In fact, that goes for anyone who I know who doesn't have a LiveJournal but would participate otherwise. Invite codes for all!

I'd pay £5 to see you take a shower fully clothed. :)

Pity those were radio buttons not checkboxes -- I couldn't decide between "nifty" and "dumb". It's a pretty wacko idea, so that's closer to "dumb", but the result could be interesting, which is "nifty".

I picked "dumb" in the end but I would've liked to pick both :)

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