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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Community ponderings
delirium happy
First of all, it's been over 24 hours since my last poll and there have only been 15 responses so far. Go vote everyone! Or I'll pout and sulk.

Secondly, it's time to expand on last night's entry. In the bleak light of the following morning evening, things are seeming somewhat better. I mean, yes, my life still sucks, but when I'm not in desperate need of sleep, I find it somewhat harder to care. The problem was as follows:

Chatting on irc when tenshisama mentioned that she had to make a costume for this year's sakuracon (or something like that; I'm probably misremembering the name somewhat) which inspired a minor jealousy attack in me. I mean, I'm not an anime fan, but still. Dressing up, having fun, meeting nifty people. The sort of thing I never get to do. The only fandom I've really done was Pratchett fandom, but I left that when afp and #afp managed to both disappear up their own arses. I still speak to fe of the people, but I no longer consider myself an afper. Going to meets holds very little appeal to me. I certainly don't want to go to this year's CCDE, and I doubt I'll be wanting to go to next year's DWcon.

So that's that one down the toilet. So what am I involved with right now? Well that's a good question. Look at my friends list and you see a nice mix. As well as the afpers, you see a decent number of spods, a fair few bi/poly people, and a plethora of support people. Which seems promising. Except thsat it isn't really. I've only ever been on the very edge of any sort of bi/poly community. I've spodded something like 5 times in my entire life, and I really don't have a clue how I got so many on my friends page. Then there's support. The social side to this, with #lj_support and everything is pretty much the only online community that I'm involved with. Which is fine, except that most of the peeps there are on the wrong side of the atlantic, which means that the chances for real life meetings are pretty slim.

Which is the underlying problem, really. I have no life at all. This isn't normally too bad, because i am very much a social recluse, and I'm happy with only very minimal ammounts of human contact. But just occasionally, like last night, I do. I need to get out more, and meet people, and have fun and do silly things. Which means that I need to get involved in some other community, somewhere. This is going to require some thought, I feel.

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(Deleted comment)
Do you do Perl?

Maybe meeting up with a local group of Perl mongers might be interesting.

From the few groups I know, they tend to have social and/or technical meetings (generally more social) about once a month where they talk about all sorts of things, not even necessarily computer-related. There may also be IRC and/or mailing list stuff, depending on how active the group is.

I'm not sure whereabouts you are, but you could try London.pm, for example (http://london.pm.org/).

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