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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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More charity stuff
delirium happy
So, 16 people have agreed to sponsor me for my silly charity idea. That make £80 (around about US$130) which is a fairly decent ammount of money to be giving to comic relief. As such, I'm willing to say that yes, I'm good to go on this.You people not only get to see me make a complete fool out of myself, you get to specify how I'm going to do it as well. Aren't you the lucky ones?

Before I start accepting money, I need to make sure that there are sufficient possible options for people to vote on. Which is where you people come in. I need ideas. I don't expect a complete list now, but I do need to know that I'm going to have things to go on. So, to those of you who said you could have ideas (and those of you who didn't, too) please tell me everything that you'd like to see me do. Everything at all. Even if you think it's too silly or too sensible, tell me, and then let me decide. Either leave a comment, or if you want to stay anonymous or keep things a surprise then email me.

Provided that there are enough ideas (suplemented with some of my own, clearly) then I shall get up to choosing the week and accepting money.

Yes, I am insane.

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You could:

- have your hair dyed
- have your hair cut
- get a piercing
- get a tattoo

(that's the 'regular' stuff I suppose)

And then do stuff like:

- run around naked somewhere
- behave really silly in a public place
- for example be so noisy in a public library until you are kicked out
- start singing weird songs in church, but that might offend people
- spend a whole day in a supermarket
- walk around the city in scuba diving gear

Okay, in order:

- this is fine provided someone covers my costs. Would also need either for the colours to be specified, or for that to carry an additional vote
- this is fine, so long as it isn't too drastic. And agin, a decission as to the style would have to be made, and I'd need my costs covering.
- depends on what exactly was being pierced :) -- and again, costs.
- too permanent. Not going to happen.

- public exposure is illegal. If the somewhere is my back garden, then OK, but otherwise, no.
- no objections to this in principle, but it's a little bit too vague.
- disrespectful and annoying. This is meant to be silly and fun -- I don't want to piss people off.
- see above
- I'm not sure about this one. I'd imagine that after that long I'd be noticed and get kicked out, which is Bad. Needs more thought.
- that would be absolutely perfect, excepth that I don't own any scuba diving gear. I don't even own a snorkel. If anyone wants to provide the gear though, then that's fine, and "walk around the city in $other_silly_outfit" is also good.
- and how exactly am I meant to find a talkshow to go on with a day's notice? :)

Some potential here, but they need developing. Feel free to respond or add more ideas when you're sober :)

um um umm....

i'm like "kittens and flowers! must involve kittens and flowers!"

*laughs* carry a kitten around all day and ask everyone to pet your pussy? hm... sooooo been done.

oo! you could appear all forbidding and flasher like and then open your coat and produce... a kitten! but the kitten might be grumpy about this plan... you could produce flowers for people? be all like trenchcoated and stuff and then walk up to people swiftly open your coat and have like billions of flowers for them to choose from. i would totally sponsor flower buying if you can incorporate giving flowers away into your scheme.

you could also make sculptures out of toast in public places?

something involving food... i was thinking like, swapping food at restaurants, completely conspicuously ("here mr. chicken man, i will take your drumstick and give it to mrs. spare rib eater and then give her spare rib to hamburger child and steal their french fries for chicken man...") but logistially that's bad on a lot of levels...

Speak with a German accent all day.

Bearing in my this year's comic relief is themed on hair:

Shave your head -> Make hair dollies -> Attempt to sell them on eBay for large amounts of money all of which goes to charity (different option possible at phase two, ie what weird or stupid thing to make out of the hair)

Wear bizarre wigs purchased from eBay, funky monks etc -> appear in public wearing as many different wigs as possible

Get a mohawk

Go blonde

Go to a hairdressers and tell them that you want something dramatic and they can do anything they want with it

Go to Canterbury College and offer to be a model for the hairdressing and beauty school (-> more than once)

Non-hair related

Each day go to a different charity shop and buy a different outfit which you must wear the next day <-- maybe vote on if the outfit changes every day <-- maybe put a small price limit on what you can spend on the outfit <-- maybe allow us to select preferences such as "dress like an old lady", "dress in the most clashing clothes possible", "dress like a kev", "dress like a train spotter", old man, golfer, hippie, clown etc

Ask everyone you talk to at some point if they've seen you're cat charlie and if they ask enough details it conspires that the cat is infact some other animal or object (different objects could be voted on each day).

Take an online test every day and then attempt to live as closely to what the test result suggests as possible (suggestions of test could be given each day (what goddess, what colour, what computer game, which robot, which sim etc)).

Legally change your name to Rho

Legally change your name to Rhona

Legally change your name to Rhonita

Legally change your name to Rhonald

Legally change your name to Dave

Give us the choice of what you legally change your name (and surname and middle name(s)) to (stat dec is only a fiver)

Attend your sign language class

Attend your sign language class and be really nice to everyone

Attend your sign language class and give them a really implausable reason why you were away so long and see how many of them believe you

Attend your sign language class and tell everyone who annoys you what you really think of them (all insults must be accurate)

Dress as santa claus and give everyone a huge dose of xmas spirit even though it'll be march

more available if needed

Um, oh bugger, you mean real ideas.. hrm...

Go into random IRC servers/channels and make up a new language to talk to them in.
Sit on a bench in town and smile overtly at everyone who walks past.
Do the stick and bucked dance, solo version, somewhere public
Sing the hedgehog song loudly.
Eat nothing but baked beans for 3 days straight then go rid on a buss for a few hours.

some suggestions (part I)

  1. Attend services at/with:
    • a mosque
    • a synagogue
    • Mormons
    • Jehovah's Witnesses
    • Quakers
    • Unitarian Universalists
  2. Invite Mormon or JW missionaries over for a discussion
  3. Use LiveJournal's "random" feature to find two random people. Buy them a paid account for two months each. At your option,
    • Refuse to talk about it should they write back and thank you
    • Explain about your charity endeavour
  4. Spend one day (at least 10 hours) on IRC. Do not leave the room except to go to the toilet; eat at your computer. Do not visit LiveJournal, surf the web, or do other things. Choose any channel(s) as long as they are not LiveJournal related. Bonus points if you stay on #afp for 10 hours without working up a temper.
  5. Tie a length of string to a cardboard box (e.g. a show box) and drag it along behind you all day. Pretend it's a dog.
  6. Pull a length of thick rope behind you. When asked why you're pulling a rope, say you've already tried pushing it and that doesn't work.
  7. Get a friend, wear working gloves, and pretend the two of you are carrying a large pane of glass through town. See how many people walk around you rather than through the "glass".
  8. Sit in a public pace such as a pedestrian precinct and beg for at least five hours, preferably a day. Optionally, play a musical instrument. See how much money you can raise this way. Donate it to charity.
  9. Sweep the area in front of the town hall until a random passerby of either sex (not someone you know) consents to kiss you. Or shine shoes free of charge until someone kisses you; have friends encourage passers-by to have their shoes shined by you. (These are both popular "punishments" in [my part of?] Germany for people who turn 30 and are not married.)
  10. Give your room/flat/house a good spring-cleaning: clean away and sort papers, vacuum, dust, clean windows, repair things, mend clothes, throw out clothes you haven't worn in five years and realistically won't wear in the next five, etc.
  11. Spend a day visiting museums. Spend at least an hour in each. Preferably go through at least four. Write up your experience in your journal afterwards.
  12. Do something you've put off doing for at least a month, and tell us about it.
  13. Obtain a wheelchair and go around in that for a day, or have someone push you. See how people react to you. See what obstacles you face e.g. in using public transport or visiting buildings.
  14. Play laser tag or paintball.
  15. Sleep under a bridge for a night. A sleeping bag and rubber mat is allowed, but no tent or duvet.
  16. Spend a night in a tent on a campsite or in your back yard. Cook at least one meal over a camping cooker.
  17. Speak in rhyming couplets for a day.
  18. Visit a fitness studio if you do not ordinarily do so.
  19. Go up to London and visit one of:
    • St. Paul's Cathedral (go up to the Whispering Gallery)
    • Madam Tussaud's
    • the Tower
    • Greenwich Observatory
    • other tourist attraction
    and tell us about it. (Visiting more than one probably gets rather expensive rather quickly, judging from my recollection of when I was in London last.)
  20. Try to visit all London Underground stations in one day. (This has, of course, been attempted before but I couldn't find a link offhand. Try finding information for hints on routes to take.) See how far you get.

some suggestions (part II)

  1. Go on a constrained walk, for example by taking a streetmap of a town and attempting to stay within one row or within one column of the grid used. Document your progress with writing and pictures.
  2. Go on a random walk. For example, follow a procedure such as "Take first right, then first left, then first left, then first right. Repeat." or "Take first right, then second left. Repeat." or similar. Document your progress with writing and pictures.
  3. Go geocaching.
  4. If possible, wear a shirt, tie, and trousers back-to-front. Go around in town like that for a while. Take pictures.
  5. Wear utterly mismatching clothing (e.g. striped trousers, chequered shirt, and polka-dot tie or scarf). Walk around town like that.
  6. Try out a different brand of toothpaste.
  7. Install a new operating system on your computer. For example, use Linux instead of Windows, *BSD instead of Linux, or BeOS instead of BSD. Bonus points for installing Solaris (ISTR reading that Solaris x86 is free for personal use?). Use that operating system for a day to do what you usually do on your computer. Preferably for two days, since installing the OS and whatever applications you use (e.g. chat, browser, word processor, ...) may take a while.
  8. Become acquainted with a new programming language. Write a toy program or two to try out your skills. Bonus points if the language is one of:
    • APL
    • Lisp
    • Intercal
    • COBOL
    • SNOBOL
    • Befunge
    • Icon
    • ML (OCAML, ...)
    • Haskell
    • Sather
    • Ada
    • COMAL
    • Assembly language (any processor -- though Knuth's MMIX would be especially interesting)
    Other possible candidates include Ruby, Python, Perl, Tcl, Pascal, and Modula.
  9. Read a "classic" book (e.g. by Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, or Ernest Hemingway).
  10. Look after a friend's small child (younger than seven) for a day. Go shopping and to the zoo with it. Cook it dinner.
  11. Go swimming with friends.
  12. Invite someone over and cook a three-course meal for them.
  13. Visit a children's hospital dressed as a clown. Amuse the children. Play games with them.
  14. Visit an old people's home and talk with the people there.
  15. Write an essay (of at least a page) in another language, such as French or German. Post it in your journal.
  16. Get the possibility of disability benefits and/or your work situation sorted out.
  17. Make sincere compliments to at least three people. This can be in their LiveJournals, in yours, on the street, by sending a letter, or whatever.
  18. Reestablish contact with a family member whom you haven't talked to for a long time.
  19. Have a "glamour shot" taken (where they style you, apply makeup, dress you up, etc. and then take a picture) and post the result somewhere.
  20. Write at least three letters (on paper) to friends or acquaintances, preferably to people who haven't heard from you in a while. Send them off.
  21. Visit a brewery.
  22. Make something with your own hands and give it to someone else. For example, a clay pot, something knitted or crocheted, an amusing plasticine figure, origami, beads sewn together into a figure, or similar.

some suggestions (part III)

  1. Paint, decorate, or wallpaper a room in your flat/house. Have people vote on a colour or design.
  2. Re-arrange the furniture in one room.
  3. When going shopping, try to make the sum an exact multiple of a pound.
  4. When going shopping, put the items on the conveyor belt in
    • alphabetical order by label/manufacturer
    • strictly increasing or decreasing order by price
    • order of size
    • order of UPC codes
    • some other fixed, non-trivial order
  5. When using the computer, type only with your non-preferred hand for a day. (If you are ambidextrous, pick a hand at random and only type with that hand.)
  6. Try to eat only green (or yellow, or brown, ...) things for one day. (The colour does not need to be natural, but adding your own food colouring is probably cheating.)

Hmm.. So... One set of Rho costs 80UKP a week? So for 80x52 = 4160UKP one could rent you for a whole year?

*ponders saving*

Are you thinking more people should be allowed to have their own pet rho? :)

Pet rhos for everyone!

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