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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Valentine's day
delirium happy
So it's february 14. This means that my results from the LJ valentine system are now in... and I got a match! Yay! It seems that deslea and I would be boinking like (support) bunnies, if not for the being-on-opposite-sides-of-the-world thing. Which is always a bummer.

I'm going to assume that the other 4 people who I picked didn't participate at all, and would have picked me if they had. This is actually quite plausible in two of the cases, and is a happy lie in the other two. I may know full well that they aren't interested, but I can always pretend.

The thing that really intriguew me though is that I was chosen by seven people people who I didn't pick! Seven! In addition to one who I did pick, and sath whom I had agreed with that we woldn't pick each other. By my reckoning, that means that approximately 0.25% of people think that I'm one of the top 5 most desirable people on LiveJournal, which isn't bad going.

But I want to know who! Would it be too much to ask for the seven people in question to make themselves known? There are two reasons to do this. Firstly, I had to limit myself to only 5 people on the system so just because I didn't put you down, doesn't mean that I don't like you. Secondly, even if I don't, I promise not to bite (#include <pun.h>). So clearly you've got nothing to lose, and should just tell me.

To demonstrate my good fait, here is the list of people who I put down.

(listed in the almost entirely arbitrary number of reverse alphabetical order of LJ username spelled backwards and ROT13ed)


Well wasn't that fun? No prizes for guessing the two who I'm sure have no interest in me whatsoever. They're the ones who are blushing furiously right now.

I may follow up later, with the complete list of all my crushes, together with personal messages, or then again, I may not. For now, I leave you with my attempt at poetry:

Violets are blue
Roses are fuscia
I wish you were here
So I could seduce you

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Of course you know it wasn't me, and I don't know who they were, but I love you anway! :)

Whee! *bonks rho like support bunnies*

I had one person match with me that I didn't match, but I don't know who. I ran very close to the deadline so I only had time to put three, so I'm insanely curious about the one who chose me that I didn't choose back - whether it's one of the two I would have if I hadn't been cutting it so close. Arrgh! The curiosity!

It might have been me. I'm not positive...I think I filled in the one for Valentine's Day and it was the LJMatch thing that I stared at blankly and then didn't pick anybody. But I might have those switched around. If I did fill in the Valentine's Day one, there's a good chance you were one of my choices.

Then again, someone else may have confessed to being it, thus proving that my memory sucks. Plus, this is a horribly late comment! Dangerously close to 2 years late at this point.

Five? *looks* By Jove. It was only three valentines per person when I signed up on *thinks* Wednesday IIRC.

(Oh, and I picked you, among others. Make of that what you will. *blushes*)

He upped it to five on Thursday, I believe, because so many people wanted to participate, but (as Brad learned last week), three is not enough!

On a completely unrelated note, did you know that you are the person who answered my first ever support request on LJ?

I don't remember what it was or when it was but I remember the feeling I got when I saw that someone had been helpful and prompt in answering my question.

Thank you, again.

Whu'? I'm pretty sure it was you... back in the time when your displayed name (or whatever it's called) was "Stephanie Bryant" and not "Mortaine" (username was still mortaine, of course).

The question to rho (who had a different username back then...) came later, I thought.

Your userpic then was the one that's now called "Profile".

Ah, found it.

The reason you may not have seen it in your search just now was because I was then using a different username (which still exists but doesn't see much action at the moment). Sorry for the confusion.

I did find an older support request in my bookmarks which I submitted as pne; it was answered by sherm. This one, answered by asciident, is also older than the one I asked rho.

Still, I'm pretty sure you (mortaine) are the first person who helped me, even if you're not the first person who helped pne.

What was the old username? :D

Ironic that the first one listed for pne is rho, yet the first one you remember is from me. Twilight Zoney.

BTW: You might be interested in The SupportOffice, even though it sometimes works erratically.

What was the old username? :D

Look in your email.

You might be interested in The SupportOffice, even though it sometimes works erratically.

Ah, interesting. However, it's missing at least the two support items I mentioned in the post above (answered by sherm and asciident), which are older than the one rho answered.

they were probably in private categories (sherm has only done accounts work for a long time, and doesn't even do that at the moment), which supportoffice can't track.

Actually, I didn't :)

I'd changed my username two weeks previously. I remember that you emailed me asking about the change at the time -- presumably you'd seen me around in linguaphiles or conlangs and recognised the user picture. I also remember that I answered two requests from you in really close proximity around then.

Ah ... misremembering the order of events. (Your default icon then was "hands", I think.) Yes, I probably recognised the user picture that went with "rho" as having belonged to "quoth_rachel" previously.

I also remember that I answered two requests from you in really close proximity around then.

You do? Wow.

I can imagine that people remember who helped them (especially if they've only asked a couple of questions), but I'd've thought that support volunteers help so many people every day that they don't remember any people in particular, unless they strike them for some other reason.

Well, you stuck out in my mind because you contacted me off the board, which is unusual. So when I answered you again five days later, I noticed that it was you again.

I had one person choose me who I didn't choose. Sigh. Unrequited....

I'm pretty sure I'm one of your seven, though.

*makes hot (support) bunny boinkingness with you*

(Deleted comment)
i would have picked you had i played.

You were one of the people I was considering putting down, until I remembered that you'd said that you weren't playing.

*smooches the jasmine*

awwww *huggles on Rho* I didn't play although I wish I had. When I first looked at it I thought "hmmm" but didn't do anything. and now it's too late

anyhoo *huggles*

Happy Valentine's Day Rholly Olly!

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