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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
ruthi is in the UK at the moment. I want to go to Cambridge to see her, but my sleep patterns are being too thoroughly nocturnal. This meant that I couldn't yesterday, and it's not looking as if I'm going to be able to today either. This makes me sad.

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i keep on forgetting you're only in canterbury (possibly the closest person on my friends list that i haven't met). if im down there at some point to see morty or play dark ages vamp or something, i might pester you to come and say hi :)

Remind me where you are again? I'm sure I should know, but my brain is beong randomly forgetful today. One of the things with Canterbury, is that it's actually miles away from anywhere. Or rather, it isn't, but it seems it, because the only way to get here is through London, and the trains to and from London are utter crap and take about an hour and a half, which is one of the reasons I'm going to be glad to move out of here this summer. But yes, if you ever are around here, then you'd be very welcome to come and pester me.

(And have I complimented you on that userpic yet? No, I don't think I have. It's a nice userpic. I like it.)

norwich at the moment and in the foreseeable future. morty keeps pestering me to go to canterbury and visit him though (he's at kent uni i think...) and there's dark ages vampire (LARP stuff) running there that i get randomly invited to.

hmm... that shouldn't be my default userpic, specially if im doing support stuff. ill change it at some point when i get round to it before i get in trouble.

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