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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
Due to a chronic lack of anything better do I spent several hours (probably around three or four) earlier playing a downloaded copy of pokemon yellow on a gameboy emulator. I was doing quite nicely. I called my pika tenshichu, because it seemed appropriate, I had a nice nidorino, I'd found charmander, and I had the first gym badge, and was close to getting the second. And then the emulator crashed. Clealy this wasn't a problem because I'd been making regular backup saves. However, it turns out that this particular emulator's idea of saving isn't the same as mine. What it actually meant was "this will be saved just as soon as you cleanly exit the program. No prizes for spotting the problem here. Yes, my entire efforts had all been erased. This also makes me unhappy. I think it may be karma.

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I've never had a pika named after me, heehee. chuuuuuu

I hate emulators. (well, i love them too... but) I've had so many times where I get far and then something goes wrong and it doesn't save properly etc. I've gotten so tired of it that now I'll play for a little bit, attempt to save, exit, and then see if it works. sometimes it's just cause all the stupid files/directory are read-only. grrrr

I never could get emulators to work right, partially because of saving issues and partially because my computer's too darn slow to run anything. Crawl, perhaps, but definitely not run.

a good emulator that i found for emulating pokemon games (it did day and night and kept the internal clock in g/s and it saved which is all good) was rew 09LC (or something. . .).

Ugh. I hate that feeling. We had a third-party memory card for our PS2 that didn't work with certain games, so we spent months playing Grand Theft Auto 3 and having to start over from the beginning every time. It got incredibly frustrating.

I played quite a bit of pokemon Gold while I was depressive lately, and I named all my pokemon after the members of dave matthews band. But then I decided it wasn't as good as red or blue was so I gave up :)

(We must have been thinking similarly..)

That sucks! :( Pokemon is cool, though. I beat Pokemon Blue a few times.

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