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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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I hate drawers
delirium happy
That wasn't meant to happen. Half an hour into today's tidying session, one of my drawers decided that now would be a good time for it to generally fallapart, and then collapse. This makes me unhappy. Damn shoddy workmanship (oh yeh, and the fact that I failed to remember that large ammounts of paper are heavy may have something to do with it too). So now, I have to try to put it roughly back together, work with one fewer drawer than had previously, and then hope that one of my housemates has some wood glue somewhere. How very, very annoying.

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Don't have any woodglue; I don't believe in the stuff - wood and glue - it's a combination that's fundamentally flawed.

I do however have a hammer and panel pins (pretentious woodworking term, meaning "small nails") if those are of any use?

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