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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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I really am a lumberjack
delirium happy
I fell five minutes short of my requisite hour of tidying today, but given the drawer incident, I think I can be excused that. Lots of emergency woodworking, and lugging around of drawers though -- I feel ever so manly. And so as not to let anything get out of balance, I've painted my toenails as well, so I can feel girly at the same time. I am of true neutral allignment, there must be balance in all things. And besides, stereotypes are just too much fun to play with; but remember that they should only be used for good and never evil and that if in doubt you should experiment first in the safety of your won home.

And I still own far too many plastic bags.

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Our flat can sympathise with the amounts of plastic bags that are acquired in day to day life.

We have two cupboards in the kitchen, one full of binbags, and one full of plastic bags. Every now and then someone sorts them out for something to do. Organising them in "asda", "tesco's" "morrison's" "iceland" and "other".
At the start of the year the cleaners gave us one binbag a week, and we used one a day, so we complained. Now we get about 7 each time they come in, which is every two days. We were going to use them for fancy dress but no-ones had a fancy dress party. Boo.

And I'm currently dieing of chocolate ice cream poisoning, so might go lie down.. or just sit here idle-y..

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Nah, I only have abot 5 or 6 of them, which is nowhere near too many.

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