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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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because that really would work
delirium happy
My offering for today, in the "can people get any dumber?" category is a page about restricting sale of hair dye to under 18s.

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"Curtailing youthful expression is not the target of Kennedy's bill. He said it is focused more toward preventing children from making bad choices in their appearance."

Gotta love it.

not as good as my comp school's attitude to hair dye. they made two of my friends wear wigs to school (when they were 16/17/18) just because it didn't give a good impression or something.

*rolls eyes*

ack, the searchable database for the Massachusetts House of Representatives doesn't go back that far. I'd have liked to have read the debate on this one.



I wish legislators would spend time and my (generally, though I don't live in MA) money doing something useful for a change.

*sigh* what will they think of next.

In my school, (yeah, I'm going down that road too) we had to keep our hair a "normal" colour. We had the "posh school in rough area" stereotype on us, so we all had to behave, speak proper and be good little girls at all times.
They were a bit more leniant in 6th Form unless the staff hated you, and the staff hated pretty much everyone. A girl in the year below me got a weeks suspension to sort her purple hair out. Me on the other hand, was able to have Bloo hair for 3 months when the black hair dye went horribly, horribly wrong, and the staff didn't even bat an eye lid at my hair... Pffft.

It's hair for crying out loud! *kicks people*

Oy. Too bad I don't live in Mass.: I'd be happy to buy hair dye for any under-18s who asked.

(For what it's worth, my first purchases of hair dye were for my mother.)

Not sure if you have seen this article. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/education/1833974.stm


As a mum who recently gave her 13-year-old daughter a dark red streak down the side of her very long blonde hair, I guess I am a rebel.

Today we went and bought hair dye shampoo sachets so Mouse can go plum and Woozle will go golden blond. The girls love it and I use the eco friendly shampoo colourings that last 6 washes, although Woozles streak was with my permanent dye and now looks a faded copper colour.

Being an individual is part of growing up, and we never should stop growing up. I recently encouraged my mum to dye her hair purple. She adored it and had loads of fun from comments made about it.

Now one thing I don’t agree to is body piercing in the young. I made Woozle wait to be 13 before having her ears pierced and she is not allowed any other piercing until she is over 16 and for body piercing and tattoos I would prefer her to be 18. My reason, well they are pretty much their for life (those about to tell me they can heal up will be shown the holes in my ears from when I was 13 that are still holes despite me very rarely wearing earrings since being 13ish!).

I think everlasting changes to your body should wait until you are old enough to know you will always want them.

The girls have a lot of friends (age 11-13) who have piercings including tongue and belly, and one friend has a tattoo… how? Because their mum/aunt/parents friend etc are a hair dressers or work in a saloon and so do it for the price of the fitting!!!! ARGH!!!! I aways look like the bad parent when I won’t allow the girls to have them done and god help any parent who does something to my girls while on a sleep over. One family is on my band list since I found out they pierces a friends (13) nose with out asking her mum first.

My niece had her navel done for her birthday at 16 which I still think for her was too young, one month later, hole infected and bar thrown away as a bad idea. She really wasn’t old enough to know the consequences and to look after the site properly.

I suppose a large reason I am against the girls having anything else done is it makes it sooo hard to judge how old they are too. No one gets Woozles age right when asked, she is 5 ft 7 (and growing) size 7 1/2 feet, has blonde hair she can nearly sit on and walks like a model. She is in adult clothes because i can't get childrens clothes to fit her.

Am i allowed to lock her in our cellar? I promise to let her out when she is 21.

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