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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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pointlessness // charity // support
delirium happy
This is an update for the sake of doing an update. Hurrah.

Today is the first day of my charity thingy, which is quite exciting realy, if a little bit terrifying. It's currently a three way tie, so everyone who can do should go vote. And everyone who can't should sponsor me and then vote.

In other news, I'm starting doing support again. I answered three requests earlier, and left my answers screened just in case, but they were all approved, so apparently I don't suck. Which is nice. Will get back into things seriously after this week is over, but it's nice to be slightly back into the swing of things by then.

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thank you much.

You're very welcome :)

That sounds good -- that you are, apparently, feeling well enough to start doing support again. I hope your sabbatical did you good (does that make sense in English?).

Right now, the vote has one item in the lead, so you may not have to make difficult decisions when you wake up.

Approvals are good for the self-esteem.

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