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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
You all know about the charity stuff that I'm doing right now, right? Well yesterday, my sponsors voted that I should write poetry for five random people from among my LJ firends. This ws quite an interesting challenge, since I've frequently been heard complaining that I don't grok poetry, and that I suck at it. But anyway, here is what I wrote:

A sonnet for ratkrycek

With every passing day I miss her more
Much more than I had ever though I would
And even as I wonder if I should
I know that it's her mind that I adore
Though to myself restraint I must implore
I cannot help but feel it would be good
I know full well that surely if I could
I'd ask her please to step on through my door
And though it seems we'll always be apart
The distances between us are too great
This angel who was sent from heav'n above
And came into my life as if by fate
I feel the rapid drumbeat of my heart
And know that she will always be my love

The ballad of jennyrhill and her vegetables
(based on her userpics)

In times of old in texas lived
A girl called Jenny Spratt
And she tended her allotments
With a feather in her hat

And she was quite the looker
Of this all men agreed
But Jenny was not interested
And kept on pulling weeds

And night and day and without fail
Young men came to woo her
But Jenny she just smiled and said,
"Fetch me some manure"

Then harvest came and Jenny smiled
Her hard work had paid off
With piles of beans and brocolis
All sitting in her loft

But with her year's work all done
She grew bored and lonely
And though she ached for company
Her suitors were all phonies

But finally the day arrived
When Jenny met her match
A tall and dark and handsome man
And he was quite

For unlike all the other men
Who gazed upon her hips
He gazed with lust straight past her legs
At her pile of turnips!

A triolet for wednesdayschild

Because she might get quite upset
Please don't call her Dan Radcliffe
Or else you'd better hide, I bet
Because she might get quite upset
For if she catches you you'll get
A poke in the eye or pushed off a cliff
Because she might get quite upset
Please don't call her Dan Radcliffe

A limerick for anejo
(even though I know how to pronounce her name)

A young girl by name of anejo
Which is clearly a name that we all know
Though we can't pronounce it
So won't you renounce it
If we all gave you the say so?

A haiku for calliste
(because I suck and this was all I could think of)

The snow softly falls
A girl returns from the piste
Her name is calliste

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but, dear... it's wonderful!
sometimes i wish i could live inside your vocabulary! =)

Whoa! Thanks for the haiku. ;) I didn't know until today that the word "piste" existed in English. Rad. And how's the charity escapades doing anyway? I have currently lost any kind of overview over all kinds of LJ activities.

It's going really well so far. I've raised £100 in total. On day one, I cut off the hair on the left hand side of my head, up to my ear. Then on day two, I went on an unplanned walk with a strict instruction set of left and right turns and no idea where I was going to end up. Today was day three, and as you've seen I ended up writing poetry for five people that I picked entirely at random from my friends list. From the current looks of things, tomorrow I'm going to be drawing squiggles all over my face, and going out to buy an old lady outfit. I'm having a whole lot of fun, and raising a whole lot of money for charity too. Full details, together with pictures of my hair, and maps of yesterday's route can be found over in rhoisnuts.

All words exists in the english language, but most of them are in a quantum indeterminate state. It just needs enough people to actually use the word to cause it to collapse into a concrete state.

Oh my god. I love you.


much of the rocking!

*big hug*

All oof them are great! Would it be vain of me to single one out? Yes, yes it would, so I'll just say... *smooch* & &blush* ...

... and I'm ROTFL about jennyrhill's. Terrific!

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