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Thoughts on thoughts
delirium happy
I noticed that I hadn't actually written anything in this journal for a little while, and I figured that I probably ought to rememdy that, only I couldn't really think of anything to write about. So I started thinking about what I really use this journal for. I tend to include a little bit of everything, I think. I have some entries about stuff that I've been doing, some entries pointing to nifty links, and some where I do nothing more than shamelessly propogate memes (though I tend to stay away from online tests for the most part). Mostly though -- or possibly not mostly, but they're the enties that I feel are most worthwhile -- I will report my thoughts on things. My thoughts on anything -- my personal life, events that are in the news, random things that I spot somewhere, or whatever. I'm not entirely sure why this is though. I'm going to have to give it some thought.

It's not as if I haven't been having any thoughts recently -- I've been pondering my sexuality, the impending war in Iraq, the future of syndication on LiveJournal, my general mental health, the FA cup, and lots of other things -- but for some reason I haven't managed to get motivated to write about any of them. aybe I shall do so tomorrow, when I'm more awake.

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It's pretty big whether the F or the A's the most significant digit...

Damn, I really didn't need that mental image...

thoughts on thoughts...
i like it.

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