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Seeking medical advice
hiding, cousin it
What does it mean if the soft tissue below my chin, just to the right of my larynx is swollen slightly, and I have a sort of dull ache that gets worse through the day all along my jaw line, up to and including my ear, which I appear to be slightly hard of hearing in?

Other than a grumpy rho, that is.

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That happens to me a lot. Worst case it's an ear infection, but hopefully just a cold. Drink fluids and get lots of rest. *hugs*

swollen glands. quite possibly an ear infection as well.

you quite probably need antibiotics if its bothersome.

If you grind your teeth, it might be a sore muscle, or even a sprain (I did that once).

It could also be an infection, or signs of an upcoming cold.

How do your teeth feel?

I've had toothache recently at the very back, on the same side, but that's mostly gone now. I figured that this was a separate issue though, as the pain is much less localised than a toothache, and i figured that if I'd got a secondary infection or something like that, then I'd be too busy rolling around on the floor in agony to post asking what was up.

I suppose it could be conected if it was a muscle strain. Probably from running my tongue obsesively over the tooth that was achey or something.

On the other hand, I have been drinking a awful lot recently as well. Not deliberately, I've just been getting thirsty a whole lot more easily than normal.

Muscle strain sounds more like the problem to me (I'm not a doctor, but I play one on LJ). Tracy is just getting over an ear infection, and trust me, you'd probably be in a hell of a lot more pain right now if that's what it was. Wouldn't hurt to get checked out though.

I'm not medically inclined but it looks like you've already received some helpful ideas.

*sends rho get-well faeries*

my vote is for the first two replies...

try popping your jaw open and shut, or try to "pop your ears" like you do in car trips or flying...
see how your ears, jaw and umm, whatca-ma-callums... temples! feel...

I get really bad ear infections sometimes, as I can't feel pain in my ears... I have a myriad of ways to check for em...

any kind of popping noise in your ears is bad... get em checked...

pains around the nose and eyes can also be a sign... often mine are only tender when pressed... (space just above the eye, under the brow)

also, if any of it feels hotter than normal, there's a good chance it's an infection...

the good news is that antibiotics will kill the little bastards... hope you feel better soon...

I have no medical advice unfortunately. Or rather fortunately as if I did give advice I'd probably end up killing you or something, which isn't cool.

So *snugs* get well and hope you feel better soon.

*sits in the ill corner with you* Stupid ear ache caused by cold.

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