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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
The support people among you may or may not have noticed emmavescence refering to support people with Things in one of her protected entries recently. And to put the terminally confused out of their misery, I'd like to announce that I am one of those people with a Thing. If you're a support person who doesn't know whom the Thing is with then you should pay more attention. If you're not a support person then you won't know them anyway. And if you're me then you're allowed to be cryptic because it's your journal.

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I could make guesses, but I can be pretty oblivious at times. :p

So much for that whole ascizzzz nick in irc. lol:)

If you really must know, the cramps went away and I decided to come entertain myself whilst Karl is showering. ;)

I don't think I have a thing anymore, although I did about a week and a half ago.

I think.

Wow, now I'm left entirely and totally confused, and that even though I just got up.

*sits in the confused corner with Calliste, and huffs*

im having many random urges to write for support_slash now on what things can be used for...

but its too early to even use the tag for it and i might offend people.

yeah i'm confused.

as far as i can tell, only female support volunteers have a Thing.

... yeah, i'm confused still.

I think you're just showing a reversed form of penis envy, thinking it was people's vaginas. How come Chris thinks he used to have one?

support_RPG characters? :-X

I'm confused from beginning to end, in part because I can't see emmavescence's protected entries. I hope it's a Good Thing.

I had your Thing figured out ages ago. :p

(Deleted comment)
Tell! Tell! *slinks away*

*giggle* i don't think you've been that obvious, but people still need to be more observant :p


i don't have a Thing! *pouts* but they look fun ;)

I might have a clue, but i dont know...probably not..like someone mentioned above, im not in on GFM's protected posts.

I have no idea either...though I can't read Emma's posts. So um, yeah.

*Has an idea, or two*
If it's what I think it is - then I want one. If it's not - then I want one anyways.

Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis?

You know that cryptic stuff just goes right by me.


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