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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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That crazy hair of mine
delirium happy
As those of you who paid attention to rhoisnuts will know, I recently cut off one half of my hair, up to ear level, for comic relief. I figured that as it was for charity, I'd leave it in whatever state it ended up in until after red nose day itself, and then do something nifty with it. And that time is now, so I'm trying to figure out what to do with it. Currently, the left half of my hair comes down to my ear, and is brown, whereas the right half comes down to my upper back, and is mostly blonde with huge brown roots (picture). So what do I do with it now? Here are my ideas:
  • Leave it exactly as it is.
  • Cut th right half up to my ear to match the left half.
  • Cut the right half up to about my chin, bleach all the brown bits blonde, and then randomly dye a few streaks purple.
  • Tidy it all up a little but keep it much the same length, and then go totally blonde.
  • Cut it all to the same length, and then dye it all bright red or blue.
  • Cut the right half to chin level, and then dye one half (primary) red and the other half black.
  • Cower into a hairdresser and say "help! make me look human"
  • Offer to let lj_support decide what I do with it if they can get the board down to 0 unanswered.

Thoughts? Which of that lot do you like? Do you have any other bright ideas?

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Reckon you should make it match the other side, cos that length does actually suit you

Not sure about colour - think you should make it all black



Whatever you do, make sure that whatever colour combination you end up with doesn't have football connotations...

I, too, think you should cut it up to ear lenght. Though I think a light brown color would look good, if you want "normal" coloured hair that is

Cut the other half to ear length as well (because, yeah, it does suit you), and then offer lj_support their choice of colours if they can get web the board down to 0 green.

Self-servingly yours, Deslea

Maybe this would really get people motivated to start touching Web! I will go with your idea, although I'd also be curious what a hairdresser would do with Rho's hair. ;)

Either let the people of support decide. The board could do with being at 0 green. Or cut it to match. Hair dye would be good here too.

The hairdresser would be fun, because not enough hairdresses get scared any more these days. Get them to bleach it or something XD. Or phone into Channel 4's Salon line and convince them to put you on TV.

Alternatively, shave it all off - go to Tibet and disguise yourself as a monk..... jus' kiddin'.

I like the idea of cutting the rest to match, then adding strange and interesting colour. Ear-length certainly suits you quite well (and you will experience the joy of not having to wait hours for non-damp hair).

I vote for "Cut the right half up to about my chin, bleach all the brown bits blonde, and then randomly dye a few streaks purple."

Of course, I just like purple, so that may be clouding my judgment.

i like 2 and 3. purple is always good, streaks are always good, but i'm a huge fan of the length. on the... left? half. the one that you cut.

the short hair looks very good on you...
i don't have any ideas in particular, which is why i only offer my opinion.

...but i am curious to know what you choose...

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