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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
I'm just curious as to what people will make of this:

Poll #113513: confusing
Open to: all, results viewable to: all

Does this poll confuse you?

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4 (33.3%) 4 (33.3%)

8 (66.7%) 8 (66.7%)

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Hey! Where's the third option? It needs a box to tick for "Eh?"

i'm confused now. it claims to only have one vote, and there are clearly 5+.

Only the fact that LJ was being a stupid bitch ho and not letting me vote. And showing old results (it still says 0-1, even though it's 1-6). *sigh*

it only confuses me because it's displaying the results before i've had a chance to vote in it!

Same here.

Let me guess, though -- lbh znqr n cbyy, gura erzbirq gur <yw-cbyy vq="113513"> gnt sebz lbhe ragel (be ubjrire vg ybbxf) naq ercynprq vg ol snxr erfhygf, vapyhqvat yvaxf gb gur cbyy naq gur nafjref. Gura hcqngrq gur onef znahnyyl rirel abj naq gura, juvpu rkcynvaf jul gurl ynt oruvaq gur erny ahzoref.

Ubjrire, fvapr gur cbyy vf fgvyy gurer (rira gubhtu vg'f abg ersreraprq qverpgyl sebz lbhe ragel), crbcyr pna cbfg erfhygf ol sbyybjvat gur yvax lbh tnir qverpgyl gb gur cbyy.

Is that about right?

Not exact, but close, yes.

Same problem as ursamajor, but the question itself isn't confusing.

Shall we ask about polls that are members of themselves?

Confusing? I thought it made perfect sense...

Actualy I didn't pay much attention to it because I was enthralled by the cuteness of that little "curious" mood-icon fox. So, yes, whatever you say. *nods repeatedly*

It confuses me because I could see the results before voting, and there's 15 votes but there's only 4 yes's and 8 no's.

I have a guess for what you might have done...but I won't say it in case you want it to be a secret.

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