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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
For anyone who hasn't yet figured out the poll thing I did the other day, here's the trick:

I created the poll in a backdated entry.
I copy and pasted the HTML that this created into a second entry, that I didn't backdate.
I sat back and laughed at you all
I periodically copied the HTML from the results page.

Nifty super fun.

In other news, I've been getting declarations of love for laughing at stupid people. This makes me happy. (I also just added laughing at stupid people to my interests. It's very me)

I also cut off the other half of my hair. It looks like crap, but I'm sure it will grow back (and if it doesn't then I've been grossly mislead about hair.

I sent off the cheque to comic relief for the stuff that had me cut off the first half of my hair as well. That also makes me happy. I like making a difference. It's probably the thing tht gives me the biggest feeling of self worth right now.

Speaking of making a difference (and tenuous connections), I tried to make a difference to support earlier. We were at about 100 green requests (that is, requests requiring answers) earlier, which i think is the highest it's been all the time I've been doing support here. I spent about an hour and a half solid answering requests and approving other people's answers until I got a nasty stiff neck (no, fingers, not a stick neff), and managed to knock the green count down from about 100 to about 90, which was a little depressing, but there were about ten new requests that came in during that time, so I managed to do about 20% of it, which I guess isn't too bad really. And that's almost certainly the most I've ever written about support in this journal. Odd.

I've also been listening to my mp3s of Les Miserables again, which is yet another thing that makes me happy. Not to mention the uncontrollable blubbering at the sad bits. But apart from that, it also set me thinking. Specificly, the following lyrics from the Finale:

They will live again in freedom
In the garden of the Lord
They will walk behind the ploughshare
They will put away the sword
The chain will be broken
And all men will have their reward

set me thinking about a comment on my last entry, from ladysisyphus. I've never, in my entire life, believed in any sort of afterlife. I remember when I was about 7 or 8, having a conversation with a friend, and she earnestly mentioned heaven (I was at a Catholic school at that age, whereas she was at the neighbouring Church of England school, and she mentioned that just because she wasn't a Catholic it didn't mean she didn't believe in God, or that she wouldn't go to heaven. I think she must have really wanted to be a Catholic), and looking back at it now, I certainly didn't grok the concept at all. To me, religion was this hokey stuff that we got taught about in school, and had random pointless facts told to us that didn't mean much and weren't as much fun as doing maths. I never truly believed. Since then, I've gone through a phase of being an incredibly annoying, obnoxious teenaged atheist, and flirted with paganism, before arriving at my current religion of rhoism, which I find suits me amazingly well.

But today, for the first time in my life, I actually wanted to believe in an afterlife. I really like the idea, that when all is said and done, the revolution always will suceed. I like the idea that those who give all they can give, and who stand up and take their chances truly will get their rewards, and will have the right to be free. And I like the idea that the opressors will get what's coming to them. I like the idea of karma. I like the idea of people getting what they deserve. I'm fairly sure, I don't believe it, but damn, I wish it was true, because this world is far too fucked up.

I'm very lenient. If I were to be the being who judged people after their death then heaven would be very full. My drive for revenge is very low. My drive for mischief on the other hand is fairly high. I my ideal afterlife, the opressors should only have the crap they inflicted on others returned to them until they are truly repentant. Not, "I hate having to live like this". Not "I wish I hadn't done all the bad things that made me end up like this". "I truly regret putting other people through this". I don't believe in the idea of a hopeless case. i never have. That's another of my memories from when I was young and learning about religion. I was entirely horified by the idea that once one had gone to Hell they remained there permanently. It seemed grossly unjust, mean-spirited, and dare I say it, unchristian. Reassurances that that was "just the way things work" didn't really make me feel any better.

And that was all far more deep and meaningful then I had intended for this entry, so I'll finish on a lighter note: last night, thewildrose made what is undoubtedly the best ever entry to nonuglies and you should go read it (though you should look at the community first if you don't know what it is already, so you can understand what is being parodied).

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you are evil! but I still love you :)

I've just spent 5 minutes wondering what nuglies are. Damn you.

if one were to follow that thread, people who have icons which are meaningles, are made fun of, yet so are people who use icons to actually imply or mean something. That doesn't make sense.

If icons are there, to be used, what's so stupid about using them?
I'd be pretty fucking pissed, considering I have a paid account, if my icons suddenly *went*, and actually, I've had problems with my icons, and someone in support gave me a shite pat explination, which in the end caused me to accidently loose an icon. marnanel had suggested I ask you about what the problem w/could be...

Firstly, I never intended to imply that all people who use icons, but I can see how it could have been taken that way. That's entirely my fault, and if you or anyone else took it that way, then I apologise.

Nor do I truly believe that getting rid of icons would be a good idea. I was merely trying to indirectly reply to some of the people from earlier in the thread in a humourous way.

As for the thing with support, I can see how that would be frustrating and I also know that we do make mistakes. I think in general we do a pretty good job, but we probably get things wrong more often than we'd like to admit. When we do get things wrong, generally the best bet is to comment back with further information explaining why you think the original answer is wrong, and requesting more help. It doesn't guarantee that we'll get things right the second time around, but it certainly makes it more likely.

As for that specific request, I looked it up and to be honest, I don't know the answer (I've never really been all that interested in questions about user pictures). What I can say is that I've had similar problems, where I've posted with one icon, and it has show my default instead. I don't know what causes, but I've found that if I wait a few minutes it just changes over on its own, but like I said, I don't know why this is. Sorry I couldn't be more help.

That's okay. I think I was snarky because I'm still kinda pissed about loosing the picture. And for some reason I felt like the support person was just being blaise about it to me. *shrug* And I still experience the problem; perhaps if I'd lost the picture, and it had stopped happening, it would've been more acceptable to me.

(Deleted comment)
That is the best post ever to be posted to that community.

You rock.

And I find it tremendously funny that you are probably going to be given the stamp of approval.


Well, how's about if I say that that post warranted the having your babies, and the kinky sex made the triplets be worthwhile?

On the subject of laughing at stupid people.. you are very evil.. and damn that's sexy :)

You always think I'm sexy though. And it occurs to me that I really hsouldn't be complaining about this.

(Deleted comment)
Yeh, i know that there used to be a stupidly high number of requests open most of the time back in the olden days, but it hasn't been like that for a long while, certainly not since the demise of cust. And the green count does seem to be slowly going down again now, which is good. But meh, what happened to all the privs? Didn't we just priv about four or five people just recently? Have they all vanished?

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