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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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The dark and narrow recesses of the mind
delirium happy
I am not a happy rho today. I'm feeling full of malice, bitterness, self doubt and general Bad Thoughts. This is really really annoying, as my mental state has generally been really good recently. All warm and fuzzy towards people, and amazingly confident of myself and my abilities, and fwoosh. That's all dissapeared now, and I seem to hate everyone and everything, including myself. What's even more annoying is that I know exactly what the trigger for this was and it is quite possibly the most ridiculous reason ever. I know for sure what it was because it's happened twice. Once earlier on, and then just as I was starting to feel a little better about things again, it happened again, and there went any vestige of a good mood I might have had.

Hopefully this will go away quickly.

Update: Through a quick crash course of loud music, I'm now only pissed off with the world, and not with myslef so much any more.

Update 2: And now I'm feeling OK again. Hurrah.

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Pig out on chocolate and cucumber (nice combo. no really) and I hope it does go away soon.
*kicks bad icky things*

Is it something I can help with?

Well, I'm feeling OK again now, so probably not. I emailed you earlier when I wasn't though, but I think you'd gone to bed by then. Probably there was nothing you could do anyway, seeing as it was just my brain being randomly broken, but if you happen to have any deep and meaningful insights to share then feel free.

*cough* I hope it goes away soon, as well.

Yeh, I'm well aware of that. Fortunately, even when full of self-doubt and -loathing I still recognise that in actuality, I rock. So not too much danger of that getting broken.

Ah, OK. I wasn't sure how deep it went but figured that the "no negativity" clause might also apply, even if the "no putting myself down" wouldn't.

(As an aside, how does it work to loathe and doubt self while knowing that self rocks? Doesn't "doubt" preclude "rock" and vice versa?)


My mind has always been good at thinking on multiple levels at once.

you must be quite good at retro platform games then ;)

Don't hate me! I have a cute puppy and I'll let you pet it. :D

The world is a good thing to hate.

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