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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Well that was fun
delirium happy
Remember how I had a toothache, and then just as that was getting better I got that thing with the sore jaw, swollen gland and earache? Well that's been getting better recently, only to be replaced by...something. The best way to describe it was that the entire right side of my head was hurting. It felt as if the various seperate bones of my skull had decided to ungraft themselves from each other and then started expanding. And my tooth, jaw, gland and ear decided that they'd join in out of sympathy too. I also noticed that my top right wisdom tooth has finally decided to poke through. Much fun. I really really do enjoy the "being too in pain to sleep (despite being dosed up on ibuprofen and parecatamol) whilst also being too tired to do anything else for five straight hours" game. I really do.

And just in case anyone was left in any doubt that yesterday really wasn't my day, I also managed to cut my thumb. You'd think that by now I'd have learned that when holding things in order to cut them with a sharpp knife that the cut should be made away from the body, wouldn't you?? Apparently not.

I'm not feeling too bad just at the moment. Hopefully this will last into the evening so I can go to Safeway, as I'm running low on both painkillers and food, and I really hate going to the supermarket during the day (**TOO MUCH SUN ERROR. PLEASE REBOOT AND TRY AGAIN**).

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that sounds a bit like TMJ.

*googles for TMJ*

It does rather, doesn't it? That really is just what I need...

chiropractic can help. i know because my mum's a chiropractor and stuff. :)

TMJ = tempromandibular joint. Problems with your tempromandibular joint are usually caused by the bones being slightly out of alignment and that causes pain and pressure and trouble chewing and swelling and stuff. I think chiropractic is the best option because it's not as drastic as surgery and is usually quite helpful.


Join the club then....

What i thought was my ears fucking up got diagnosed as TMJ about 2 years ago. I was advised to apply heat treatments to it 4 or 5 times a day for several minutes at a time. I wasn't impressed with the orthodontic bloke I saw but there ya go.

I think all of us in the house (hobbits aside) have been diagnosed with TMJ at some time or other.... Do you know if you grind your teeth in your sleep? Thats supposed to be one of the causes. Does your jaw click alarmingly?

Anyways sounds delightful, I'm glad mine isn't so bad atm, altho my tinnitus sucks shit atm but then I'm stressed I guess so thats no great surprise. Hope you don't feel I'm belittling the pain and annoyance... Just welcoming you to the club..

Hope you manage to get the pain to go away to sensible levels.


Nah, I know you'd never belittle whatever crap I get, you're not like that. It's just one of those shit happens things, and it happens to everyone, and it happens in different ammounts, but it's still always shit and it still sucks. Or something. I'm feeling so articulate today.

I don't think I grind my teeth at all. It feels a whole lot better when I wake up, and then gets worse over the day, generally, which would imply that it's getting rested when I'm asleep. I reckon that the cause might have been obsesive compulsively running my tongue over my tooth when I had toothache, which would be very very annoying.

I actually did apply heat last night, which did seem to make it less hellish. I used the highly sophisticated piece of medical aparatus known as a water bottle filled with water from the hot tap and wrapped in a sock.

According to maxillofacial consultant I saw when I was a wee whippersnapper, Things To Watch Out For with TMJ include:

  • Excessive chewing activities (pen, gum, fingernails, solder, whatever...)

  • Leaning your head on your hand at jaw (as opposed to top-of-head) level

  • Generic thoughtful/frustrated teeth-clenching activities

  • Teeth-grinding in your sleep

  • Stress

Typically, I'm pretty dreadful for everything except the grinding in my sleep (preferring instead to stay rediculously still, presumably in a subconscious attempt to drown the pillow in drool while developing deep-vein thrombosis).

As my mum was present during said consultation, when asked if I was under any particular level of stress I avoided the correct "my parents" answer by diverting the attention to A-level Chemistry. YMMV.

He also mentioned that it was most common in adolescent girls (go figure) and demonstrated with the aid of a mirror that in order to open/close my jaw was moving sideways about halfway through the motion (watch the relative horizontal position of your teeth).

Needless to say mine hasn't gone away, but goes through phases of clickiness and is generally non-painful. IIRC mine was actually more painful before the clicking started - I remember an extremely painful yawn followed by a godawful click when it first happened (ironically, in an A-level Chemistry lesson), afterwhich the pain rapidly reduced as the clicking became 'easier'.

You'll be relieved to know that I've since given up chewing solder, after my electronics teacher pointed out the risks in a fantastic "I'm not a chemist, but..." moment.

As a sufferer of TMJ myself...

I'd recommend you see a physiotherapist if this persists, even if you don't think it's TMJ. A physiotherapist is more likely to be able to deal with muscle tension and bone/joint stuff.

(My TMJ was helped a great deal by using a bite plate, but if you don't think you're grinding at night, you probably don't need one of those.)

(No insult to chiropractors intended.)

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