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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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To understand recursion, one must first...
delirium happy
I just had a thought. Wouldn't it be nifty to have a recursive acronym as a name? Maybe I should change my name to rho hermione ophelia or something like that.

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We met a one year old Hermione at the train station yesterday, a v cool name :)

ya know, you people shouldn't use the word "Hermione" around me. It gets me all confused, and I start to think you're part of the "HP Fandom" half of my friends page.

It's just confusing.

Other than that, a recursive name would be cool, imho.

Well, I'll let you into a little secret. I'm sort of a closet harry potter fan. I do subscribe to a couple of related mailing lists. Generally I tend to be into Hermione/Ginny, because i'm a sick, sick puppy. But yes. Anyway, I went with Hermione for the Shakespearian reference (from The Winter's Tale) to match well with Ophelia. I'm clever like that.

I'm sort of a closet harry potter fan.

You do realise I have to throw stones at you now, don't you? :D

That's OK. I'm also a closset masochist who gets cheap sexual thrills from being pelted with small rocks.

Oooo. It all works out then :)

and i should be working, not comment whoring *smacks self* Back I go.

"should" is such a harsh word...

Whoops - here I am again, commenting.
Well I have word open, and a few books, and people working around me and with me. so I am kinda working I guess...

Nah you're right - I'm not. I'm just skiving and babbling instead. Not my fault this is much more fun.

*kicks her advertising strategy work*

Killing All Mammals And Roaches Are Amusing

And I have bad grammar. So nyeh.

But that isn't even recursive! You should be "Kamara attacks mammals and roaches amusingly" or something!

(and yay for the icon!)

and I can't spell either.
*cries and dies of shame at the same time*

*gives you mouth to mouth until you un-die*

*fakes being undead*

Why, anyone who didn't do better would think you were only doing that as a cheap attempt to get me to snog you.

Can't blame a girl for trying. :D.

*insert me hugging flossie icon which I deleted along with all the others on Sunday*

I'm just trying to figure out why you'd bother. It's not as if you really need some elaborate scheme to get me to snog you.

Pthalo The Hungarian And Lovely One


Sath Anthropomorphises Total Hornyness.

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