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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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I know that none of you care about this at all
delirium happy
The other day I bought a new brush head for my electric toothbrush, which I finally got around to putting on it today, and it's about 37 times quieter. I'm impressed.

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Pfft. I care deeply about this! In fact, I find I am now greatly concerned that the passage of time since this entry was posted means that you may no longer have the nice quiet brush head, or possibly even the electric toothbrush. Oh, dear. Such sad thoughts when everything started out so well.

I do still have an electric toothbrush. I suspect that I may still be using the same brush head though, which I really must get around to replacing.

Really, I don't imagine it's entirely reasonable for me to feel quite so relieved that you still have it. Eep!

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