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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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This gosh darned waron
delirium happy
You know what really pisses me off about this war? What really, really makes my blood boil?

Well, lots pf things really, but the one I'm specificly referring to is the phrase "war on Iraq". What's wrong with "war in Iraq" or "war with Iraq"? It's all down to the stuff with war on terrorism, war on drugs, and war on fwuffy bunnies. It's an overused cliched phrase which is leading to sloppy use of language. In thirty years time I predict that "waron" will be a word, and I'll be an old fart complaining about sloppy English from the youth of today (some things won't change).

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heh. i've been wondering why it wasn't "at war with iraq" for some time. "waron" irritates me too :-)


But "war on Iraq" is a great phrase. It takes all responsibility off of Iraq and really expresses what we're doing: perpetrating a heinous act of violence against a target that can do nothing, either way, to stop it. It's like "tornado on house" or "hurricane on Florida," see? We're just this unstoppable act of nature acting on something that cannot stop our deadly advance or in any way prevent us from happening.

yeah... that's why i think it's appropriate, too, in this horrible way.

we're warring ON them so we can free them later... *cough* yeah.

War *on* just sounds so... *waves hands around* odd... War on *anything* sounds peculiar. The phrase has no meaning whatsoever.

The phrase does make it clear that Iraq is just sitting there and we're attacking them.

And if it's anything like the War on Some Drugs, 30 years from now Iraq will be as strong as ever.

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