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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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What I want for my birthday
delirium happy
I've decided that for my birthday, I want pictures of all my friends looking like cheap hos. That isn't too much to ask, is it? I'm sure you all have suitable pictures sitting somewhere, and I want to see them all.

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The picture of me naked in the bathtub doesn't count, does it?


I have one, you know. I really, really do.

I'm just not all that inclined to (a) find it, or (b) scan it, or (c) post it to the Internet for the whole world to see.

But I'll try to find it at least..... for you.

I am sultry.

Me likes bras.

I like flowers.

and more at the request of rho.

This is me in March, 2001. I was dressed up for a rave-themed dance.

i'm too cute to effectively look like a cheap ho!

okay, that sounded a bit high on myself ;)


... that's the best i could find so far, sadly.

happy birthday..

*evil grin*

cheap ho's... im working this weekend, but ill have a look if i get a spare minute. if you really want to see dodgy pics (not like the ones you've no doubt already looked at) im sure i can get them.

well, the only picture i have of myself on the web is on my site...


I don't do cheap. I may not be an expensive ho (I think my pimp sells me out at £50 an hour, which isn't that much), but I ain't cheap.

College = no digi cam. the ho-ness will have to wait. (Thursday. Yay.)

In the mean time I share sickly annoying child pictures of me with whore hair:

you've already seen random pics of me. plus you've already seen my horrible attempts with MS paint. but i'm putting it here for posterity, or something.

There are pictures of me online:
from the DiscworldConvention 2002, where I was a Mrs. Palm's daughter in the Maskerade, which is a ho, though I am not sure of the precise price-range.
And there's the shiny dress picture from the Elephant-and-Castle meet, and the dress came out all see-through in there, as if being all silver sequins wasn't enough.
Hope this is enough to start with.
And Happy, if belated, Birthday.
My birthday has been getting birthday the more time passes after it... hope yours does, too.

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