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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Any answers?
delirium happy
Here be the answers to the questions from my poll:

pthalogreen -- What do you like most about yourself?

Good question. I like most things about myself I think. If I had to choose I'd probably say either my grip on reality which I think is particulalry strong, or my wit. I read over stuff that I've written in the past occasionally, and I even make me laugh. Not wanting to be boastful, but when I'm on form, I can be hilarious.

homicide_afp -- Which part of the red nose day stuff di dyou enjoy/hate the most?

I think that the thing that I liked most was the sending off the cheque at the end, and the thing I liked least was having to do stuff every day for a week, which I'm really not used to, and found completely exhausting. As for the actual tasks that I did, the cheesecake thing wasn't much fun at the time, but I'm glad that I did it. The most fun was probably the schoolgirl thing. That outfit was scary.

elmyra -- What is your birth gender and your current gender and how did you get there? Okay, that was three questions but I is confused. :-)

At birth, my gender was "baby". Currently, my gender is "rho". I got there through twenty two years of life. Yes, that's a cop out answer, and I was going to answer it properly, but then chess asked much the same thing. I'll answer it properly down there.

haggis -- What do you find really sexy in a person?

Hmmm. I could be really boring and say something pathetic like "sense of humour" but that's boring. Personality wise, the thing that really turns me on in a person is a sense of fun. People who are fun and silly is a definite yes. Physically, I have two "types" -- the big cuddly type, and the tiny petite type, although I do vary a lot. I also have a very decided thing for redheads, and also a definite thing for pigtails, becaus eI'm a freak.

ratkrycek -- But would you say yes to me, is the real question. *g*

Well, technically, that isn't asking me anything, but rather just making a statement about what the question is. But I'm nice, and I'll answer it anyway, and the answer is "yes".

asciident -- I can never think of good questions for these. What do you want to do "when you grow up"?

I have to grow up? Damn. I don't really have any particular goals in that direction. I guess I'd be happy doing anything that required thought and that paid well enough for me to support myself. Something with flexible hours would be nice too.

dougb -- Do you get some sort of sick sexual pleasure out of polls?


rachelesque -- who do you have a crush on on your friends list (there must be a reason for a poll as directed as this)?

Oh, lots of people :) Probably about 30 or so people to some extent or other. I have crushes like other people have hot dinners. The poll wasn't actually aimed at anyone in particular, in all honesty. Some of the people I was particularly hoping for affirmative answers from (and who are now permitted to go hide in the corner and blush) would be kamara, pthalogreen and jennyrhill.

tenshisama -- Why cheap hos?

I haven't the slightest clue. I was being particularly manic at the time, and apparently it seemed like a good idea at the time.

nallac -- voule vou couche avec moi? :)

Non, merci.

pne -- When are you going to sort out your (possibility of getting) disability benefits?

When I find a much larger supply of tuits than I currently have access to.

crschmidt -- What is your favorite activity?

Hmmm. I'm not sure. I like storytelling. I like having an audience, and being able to weave a tale, and to let my sense of humour run wild.

jennyrhill -- How's your birthday going?

It's gone :) It went pretty well though, for the most part. I wrote an entry about it the other day.

sarah_mascara -- Did you get any really good presents for your birthday? (aside from my semi-porn, i mean. ;)

I got money, which is a nifty thing to have. And a DVD of ghostbusters, which is also nifty. And sarah? semi-porn, which is also very nifty, obviously.

firinel -- what's a day in the life of rho like?

Pretty boring, for the most part. Typically I wake up, then read email, then my LJ friends page. When that's done, I pop my head into IRC, if it's at a time when anyone is around. I then sit around chatting on IRC, reading LJ, surfing the web, reading, listening to music, watching TV, etc. Periodically I'll get myself something to eat. Sometimes I'll take a nap for an hour or two, and sometimes I'll chat for a while with one of my housemates -- most often barakta. Not really a whole lot of interest.

chipb0i -- How do you relax? Book? Bubble bath? Music? (or whatever?)

If I really need to relax for some reason, I tend to just lie down and be alone with my thoughts, and drift into sleep. Not only is that very relaxing for me, it also lets me reach some interesting conclusions sometimes. It's almost like meditating, I guess.

bubba -- Do you feel older? How old do you feel?

To the first question, no. To the second, it very much depends. Sometimes I feel pretty much ageless, but sometimes I feel very much younger than I am. I think that the best I could say is that I feel like a child a lot more than I feel like an adult.

emmavescence -- How many people are you currently with? I lose track, and I'm nosy.

1.5. The 1 is sath who I am definitely with. The 0.5 is ratkrycek -- we're sort of together, but only very preliminarily and trying to avoid getting too close for the time being to try to avoid getting hurt if things don't work out.

kamara -- What's the deal with your current LJ name.. name thing..

Well, the thing that looks like a p is a letter rho, for obvious reasons. The rest was shamelessly stolen from one of rahaeli's recent entries because I thought it was so nifty. It's also the motivation for the userpic I've used for this entry.

chess -- So what, *precisely*, is your current physical gender / birth physical gender?

There's going to be quite a few people reading this who just didn't have a clue about this at all. I don't really talk about it a whole lot, not because it's a big secret or I'm ashamed of it or anything, but just because it isn't particularly interesting or relevant or anything most of the time. Here follows a quick full summary of my history of all matters in this area, answering both this question, and elmyra's.

I was born male. However, I figured out that being male really really wasn't for me. It broke my brain in quite an impressive manner. So at age 18, I started seeing a psychiatrist, started taking female hormones, and legally changed my name -- for all intents and purposes changing from male to female. Then a couple of years after that, I came to the conclusion that being female wasn't really all it was cracked up to be either. It crashed my brain a whole lot less than being male did, At that point, I figured that blindly rushing through the whole male to female transsexual thing wasn't a good idea, so I paused. This left me in a position where I had male primary sexual characteristics, was presenting to the world predominantly as female, and had strange mixed up, androgynous secondary sexual characteristics. That's also broadly the position that I'm in at the moment, because being in an in-between position where I'm neither one thing nor the other has suited me well. I'm currently re-evaluating things, and thinking that there's a lot to be said for continuing at least some of the way further down the path towards female that I was on before, but stalled with a couple of years back.

Above everythig else, I am, always have been and always will be a me, and am happy with anyone who treats me as such. Gender crap is highly annoying, and if I could have nothing to do with it at all, then that's what I'd do. And the contents of my pants is really only the business of myself and anyone who's trying to get into them.

I think that covers everything?

angelsk -- Favourite number and colour and why??

Favourite number would probably be 5. Hail Eris! Favourite colour is probably purple, for no particular reason other than that it's nifty.

bertho -- What's your favorite TMBG song?

Hmmm. I'm really not sure. I'm very fond of the bells are ringing. Man it's so loud in here is also very cool as is the guitar. New York City also brings back a lof of memories for me. If I had to choose one, I think I'd probably have to go with she's an angel though.

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*hides in the corner and blushes*
Simply cos I'm allowed to. Nyeh.

And there's a lotta stuff there I didn't know. And huzzah for being a purple lover. This week has definately been the week of revelations for myself and my friends and stuff.

And finally, love the userpic :)

Edit: (well not a real edit, but I was going to stop there) there was just an ENORMOUS bang coming from upstairs. Scared the living floo out of me. It sounded like two people falling off a computer bench while clutching onto a PC or three. Geezus heck - that scared the fluff outta me. *dies* and I say and far too much, but I already mentioned that in the letter, so yay.

*showers you with purple glitter to coax you out of the corner*

...and I don't try to make revelations, I just don't go blabbing about my personal life every which way, which leads to there being lots of stuff about me that people don't know. Or something.

When I find a much larger supply of tuits than I currently have access to.


i thought my answer was somewhere between 1 and 2, but i got reading some of your old entries, and thought it might be somewhere between 2 and 3. so now my curiosity has been sated, yay.

the last question you answered exactly how i would, which is interesting. i was born on the 5th, and 5 is just nifty. and purrrrrrrple. the penultimate question was very interesting, and stuff i didn't know. i was kind of curious in a vague sort of way, but i never really thought it through much. i'm a terribly nosy person, and i like Knowing Stuff. so now i do, and i'm satisfied. for now.

Cute icon!

And good answers, too. :)

I love reading these, simply because you get to learn a lot about your friends that way. Or so it seems to me. *grin*

Well since I'm allowed to, *turns red* :)

I feel loved.

It's been neat reading all the answers.

There's going to be quite a few people reading this who just didn't have a clue about this at all.

I'll have to say one of them was me. :) Your name was still quothrachel when I met you, so I just always assumed you were female.

I missed the poll, so I just took it. Feel free to ignore it if you're done answering because it's a boring question anyway. :)

I don't think that many people around support knew. It's not that it's a big secret or anything, it's just not something I routinely talk about either. I'm just a me.

And I've answered your question tacked on at the end of this entry.

I'm just a me

Yep. Too bad there are people who don't realize that...

I've recently rediscovered a love for "Shoehorn With Teeth", myself. But I'm fairly weird...

Hello there, rhoperson!
I did a friend-of-friend findification thingamabob and here you are, a niftysounding personperson--may I add you to my friends list?

Sure. I have no problem with anyone adding me. I've added you back, but I may remove you soonish. If I do then that's nothing personal, I just have too many friends already, and skim bits of my friends page a lot, so I try to avoid adding too many people. If that does happen, feel free to keep me on your list -- I mostly post public, and have no problems with people who I don't read reading me.

Thanks! I understand; that's what happens when you have lots of LJfriendpeoples. Anywho, hoping your day is going well and such. *throws a mini snowball at you (can you believe the cherry trees are blooming and it's snowing in D.C.? crazy!)*

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