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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Nothing even vaguely of interest
I was thinking that I should do an update talking about what I've been doing, but then I realised that I haven't been doing anything. But then I figured that I'd do an update anyway.

For absolutely ages now I've been aware of the existence of Jake the Rake, but I'd not actually read it until today. It's very nifty. People should go read it (it's a webcomic), though I'm not sure everyone who reads my journal would entirely grok it.

Been talking quite a bit with pthalogreen the past couple of days. She's nifty. I like her. She also motivated me to answer a couple of questions in DeadJournal support. I'm not actually going to start volunteering there, but I answeredd two questions. Strictly for fun.

I'm currently plotting to ask out one of the poor fools who said that she'd say yes if I ever did in my poll. Much fun to be had there.

I also got myself a guestmap thingy, whic I plonked onto my userinfo page.

The fact that that little lot is the most interesting I can come up with probably says just how uninteresting my life is just now.

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*crossing fingers on the going outness*

Well I would do, except that you appear to be on the wrong side of that annoying ocean thing right now. But if you ever get your behind over here then I would so go out on a date with you.

*laughs* i was crossing my fingers for you. that she really says yes and that it goes fab and all that good stuff.

but thanks for letting me down easy.

Heh! I wasn;t letting you down! I was trying to tempt you to come to England!

(me == dork)

*snorts* that comic is so so funny! I officially rate this as a very worthwhile post :)

[see guestmap]

.... Stupid frog.

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