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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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There's a great big cobweb from my ceiling down to my bedside lamp. My lamp is shining up towards the ceiling, away from me, and as such is lighting it up, and it's being blown around from the convection currents caused by my computers. It's really quite pretty, in a goth sort of way.

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Ooh, that sounds neat!

There's a rather un-neat cobweb that always reappears in the pathway to my front door, I never see it, and I always walk through it, and then make little ew ew ew dancing motions trying to shake of the little webby bits.

Cobwebs = spiders. Spiders = me + vaccuum cleaner = no more spiders!

I shared my room last year in college with spiders. The little ones on the inside didnt bother me, in fact I named them all. Okay - it was with the same name "kumo" (jap for spider), but the big ones outside regularly got hoovered up. yay.

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