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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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I don't like april fools.
delirium happy
So there's a great big april fools joke going on. I'd link to it, but it's huge, aand I can't be bothered finding all three million links, so instead, I'll just give one and anyone who cares can follow the various links from there. And yes, I did say april fools joke, and I am the great big spoilsport who goes and says so publicly, but if you don't want me to talk about stuff, then don't mention it on a public IRC channel while I'm idle and logging, you know? I just don't like april fools. I odn't like practical jokes like this. In my book, they're just lying and deception dressed up in fancy clothes, and I fail to see what any of this is going to accomplish other than seriously pissing people off, making people worry or what have you. Yes yes, jolly good wheeze and what have you, but seriously, how do you expect anyone to react to something like that? Being told that good friends are either completely wacko, or grossly immoral and illegal? Being told that an institution you've spent hours upon hours of your life supporting for no reward is falling apart from the inside? This is not a way to inspire positive emotions. It's a big crock of shit designed to make other people feel unpleasant and then have other people laugh at their expense, but I'm certainly not laughing. I'm sorry to be the one who "ruins" this, but I don't support this at all, and cannot in good faith be a part of perpetuating this, even by omission.

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i agree. the "truth" of this wouldn't be good, but then the reality of the joke isn't much better. people are going to be upset, i'd be surprised if we don't lose people from support over this. i think it's a stupid idea, and i'm not amused at all.

I agree. it's a dumb joke.

I agree, in general and doubly so in the specific case.

I like April Fools but clever and silly April Fools that don't cause anyone anixety and aren't at anyone's expense. Something like the fake New Scientist story about a perpetual motion machine, not this. What I read looks like the equivalent of the news doing a war April Fool about dead civilians!

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i'm disappointed too. i read pez's post first, then one of ursa's and then des's latest, and got confused and freaked out, so i went on irc and got tipped off. but it's just such a stupid thing to do. almost all of howto is out of commission until arie is unsuspended. we can't answer cust requests in support because of that. it's a load of shit.

Arie has been unsuspended. fwiw.

The big joke is over for them. I hope they enjoyed it.

I didn't laugh.

i'm pretty disgusted by the people who were involved in this. this justification is sort of ridiculous. i'm not annoyed because i was taken in, because i got told very soon after i read anything about it. i just think it's an absolutely fucking stupid thing to do.

Some April Fools can be quite good, like the RFC ones, and the one that Google did last year, pigeon rank, but ones that piss people off are not a good idea.

Agreed. I so wish I hadn't been awake so late last night. If I'd gone to bed I'd have seen your post first and not been all stressed out and confused.

I support the boycotting of April Fool's Day.

Hi. I think we have a small handful of mutual friends, but I've never read your journal until now. Is it okay if I add you to my friends list? You are welcome to add me in return (or not) if you'd like (or not like).

Cheers, etc...

Go ahead. I have no problems with anyone adding me to their friends list, and I post mostly (over 99%, I think) publicly. I'll probably add you too, but may remove you again fairly soon. I skimread my friendslist already, so if that is the case, then it's a matter of too many friends, rather than anything personal.

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