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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Nothing to see here
delirium happy
Some people make journal entries detailing what they've been doing. Some people write about what they're going to do. Still others prefer to write commentary about the world at large, or to share their thoughts with the world. Then there are the people who write journal entries not because they actually have anything to write, but because they don't have anything better to do. These entries tend to be very boring and not worth reading. This is one of those entries. As such, I'd like to recommend that you ignor eit and skip onto the next item on your already bloated friends page.

You gone yet? Good. Then we can begin.

Lots of people are adding memeing out lj interests and so should you. Not quite as many people are telling their friends to, but still quite a few, so that must be cool too.

That's doing a whole lot better than my "pointless lj memes" meme, and I'm very jealous.

There is no such thing as memes. Tell all your friends.

I'm tired and I want to go back to sleep, except I shouldn't, so I'm writing this entry to keep me awake. Hence the general inanity.

Tonight's TV is really crappy. I'm sure I remember the days when there used to be good stuff on on fridays.

She said yes. I didn't notice at first, but then I did and I squeeeed.

I want to make a jigsaw of a black cat in a coal cellar at midnight -- entirely black except for two eyes. Sort of like the baked bean ones, but even sillier. Just to see if anyone would buy it.

Anyone would buy it.

kamara is entirely bonkers (but has really nifty dreams).

I still want to go back to sleep.

I could put a stupid poll here, but I can't think of anything to poll about. Maybe I should do a "what poll should I do poll" but that would be silly.

That's never stopped me before. I'm also lazy though.

And now I'm going to stop writing.

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You're just jealous you didn't get to dream about tree saving power rangers.

And my friends page is moving rather slow at this hour (just wait tillater tonight - I'll be screaming at semagic again. After all - it's answer to EVERYTHING is to make the light blink. Nuclear holocaust? BLINKY BLINK!)

What poll should rho do:
A poll about "what are you doing this weekend" / "what should rho does this weekend" / "whats news years resolution should rho break next year". *shrug* More proof that I'm mental it would seem.

And I demand that TV be crappy until I get a TV. Oh yes *nod*

Jealous? Me? Of course I'm jealous. I want to dream about the mighty supportin' validation rangers too. *pout*

What rho should do this weekend is clean up a little and pack for when she goes up to visit her parents on monday. What she more likely will do is slob around doing nothing.

oooooh. now i want to know who she is.

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