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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Make rho an icon
delirium happy
I was getting really bored of all my old icons, so I decided to delete them all (after saving them) and start again from scratch. Unfortunately, I pretty much suck at anything artistic, so while I can do the deleting bit easily, the replenishing bit is a little tougher. And I don't like the icon sharing communities -- I prefer to have something at least vaguely original, even if I just copy all my pictures from a google image search most of the time. So here's where you lot come in. I'd like for all you lot to make me an icon. Of whatever you want -- something you associate with me, something you think is pretty, or just something entirely random. I know lots of you are infinitely better at that sort of thing than I am, so it would be really cool if you could all make one icon for me. I made one to start with, which sucks. On the off chance that I get more than fifteen then I'll pick the ones I like best, or use them in rotation, or have a vote or something. But yes. Make me an icon. Please? Of whatever you want. And then either comment with it, or email me. Thank you.

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Instant off the top of my head randomness.


Can/will customise with other words/fonts/both if you want. Or you can just hit me and tell me to go make a proper job of the icons. :)

This is one:

Or this one, if you want more text:

I sent you some icons. They're from marble's photos. This probably means you won't use them.

Here you go!

Old light bulbs! I think it might be random enough to be original!

you should keep the ferret one tho-that one was too cool. i loved it.

I'm on an ubercrappy computer so this isn't the best I could do, but here:

The base image is a painting I did in high school. I'll make you something better if you want, when I get my paws on a decently working computer.

For no reason, other than I like how it's turned out:

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