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Not much
delirium happy
I was just watching something on the TV about design in the 1990s. As is their way, they had various songs from the decades as backing for throughout the hsow. I'm thinking I really need to rip some of my old CDs.

In other news, look at all the pretty icons people have made me. Yay people!

Oh yes, and I discovered/realised yesterday that alt-013 works as you'd expect it to. Which I'm sure will come in very useful next time I'm at a computer with a bust keyboard using a program that mpas ^m and ^j to something of its own.

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(Deleted comment)
Well, it happened like this. We were sitting there talking in IRC, and I was shamelessly whoring for more icons, and Sarah (sarah_mascara) said that she would do but she didn't have a clue what I liked, and I said to hell with what I liked, just make something random and pretty. She commented that she could just do an icon of herself, and as we'd been talking about her butt just minutes earlier, I suggested she give me an icon of that. And she did. Personally, I think that it's a very nice, aesteticly pleasing butt, so I'm happy to display it to the world. It's a Good Thing.

Oooh nice pwetty pictures.

Need to find me a nice lizard icon for my LJ I think.


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