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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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My jaw again
delirium happy
You remember the random nasty evil pains in the entire right side of my head that I was having a week or so ago, that I wasn't entirely sure what it was caused by? I now know for sure that it was my jaw. I know this because last night the damn thing clicked horribly, and now feels completely out of shape and in danger of becoming very painful again, although it hasn't done so yet. This is just what I wanted with a 5 hour train journey tomorrow.

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sounds more and more like tmj. *massages you* feel better, dear.

If you want some painkillers I have a few, horrible to swallow but they do work.


Ta. I've still got plenty left though, I think, and it's not actually in pain yet -- just being irritating, and threatening to become painful at any moment without notice.

On that note it might be worth an ibuprofen or two, just to keep the inflammation down and prevent it from going painful at all.... Ibuprofen is more to actually reduce the inflammation which starts up the tension cycle...


Yeah it sounds like TMJ to me. When I was younger I always used to crack both sides of my jaw until my dentist yelled at me to stop. After that it hurt for a while from not cracking it, but eventually it went away. Now it hurts to crack it. I'd make an appointment at the dentist...

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