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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Best couple of days EVER.
delirium happy
It's probably about time I wrote an emtry here. The last couple of days have been really spiffing jolly fun. By which I do of course mean that they've been fairly close to hell on earth. Which is actually quite appropriate seeing as this is my 666th ever journal entry.

Yesterday, I finally managed to get my butt in gear, and get the train up north. This was actually quite a difficult task, seeing as my sleep patterns would have had me sleeping from about 09:00 to 17:00 if they'd had there way. So I decided to just stay up all night and get an early morning train. I ended up leaving the house at about 10:00, and got the train changing at Faversham, Victoria, Euston and Preston, before getting into Chorley at about 15:30, and getting a taxi to my parents' house. I'm sure I don't have to spell it out to anyone just how much fun five hours of train journey when sleep deprived and with a sore side-of-face is. To make matters even more fun, sitting opposite me for the Euston to Preston part of the journey (that is to say, the longest part) there were two really annoying late teen or early twenties year old girls, who were yakking about holidays to Ibiza and other such things. Yes, maybe I am intolerant, but I have an excuse, damnit. And one of them kept stretching her legs and knocking mine, and leaving me with no leg room.

But anyway, I did get in eventually, and I went online for a little while, before falling asleep in front of the television. My mum arrived home a little later, and had managed to wind me up sufficiently for me to want to throttle her within about two minutes of her appearing. First she woke me up, then she failed to get the hint that when I just grunt at her and non-comitally respond to everything she says, that means "go away; I'm trying to sleep". Then she leant down to try to hug me, but only succeeded in knocking my jaw. She then interpreted my turningg away to try to protect myself as my way of saying "yes, please try to hug me harder and knock my jaw even more. Of course, the adrenaline rush that I had at this point in order to manage to signal to her to get the hell off me only served to stop me from getting back to sleep for a little while.

I did wake up later that night, at which point I rediscovered just how much I hate this computer. For those lucky enough to have not heard me complain about it before: It's a P75, running an install of windows 95 which is about 6 years old. It has no working speakers, a 33k6 modem, a 14 inch monitor which doesn't believe in the colour blue, and a crappy old ball mouse with no wheel that I can hardly operate. I'll try not to moan about it too much, but be aware that I'm skimreading a lot of LiveJournal, so if you want me to see something, prod me about it directly.

Then today I had an appintment with my dentist. Fortunately for me, my dentist is a non-evil person. She also happens to be my godmother. I actually trust her to stick things in my mouth, and not to try to rip me off, or be grossly incompetent. Stuff like that. However, this doesn't make going to the dentist a pleasant experience. It only makes it less earthbreakingly horrible than it otherwise could be. And today's appointment was particularly fun. See, it turns out that yes, it does seem likely that I have TMJ trouble. However, on top of that, I also have a rotten and infected wisdom tooth. So I 've been having both those pains at once. Lucky me. Now, the wisdom tooth had to come out, apparently. So, my dentist stuck a nice pair of dental pliers in my mouth, and grabbed onto it to try to pull it out. Excepted that it was too rotten, so instead of being able to get a propper grip on it, it just sort of disintegrated. Yay. So I'm going to have to have dental surgery, it would seem, which I'm sure will be great fun. It's also worth noting that having my mouth opened wide to have things stuck in it is also not good for my jaw. On the plus side, I did get a prescriotion for amoxycylin, which should nuke the infection (and my bowels) and take away the tooth related aspects of the pain (and give me the shits). My mum (who is a GP) also found me some nice paracetamol/dihydrocodeine mix painkillers to keep me nicely drugged up on. So hopefully I'll be better off soon, even if I do fell like crap now.

And on top of all that lot, I've been feeling incredibly emotionally fragile for the past few days. I mean really, really fragile. I'm not going to talk about any of that lot, because it really is scary dark recesses of the mind stuff, that I wasn't really comfortable admiting to myself and have only told one person about so far. But that's been a contributing factor to the unmitigated joy of the past few days too. And to that one person who I did talk to about it: you know who you are, and I wanted to say thank you to you, from the bottom of my heart. I really needed someone to be there for me then. Thank you.

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*big hugs*

I have never understood why people hate the dentist so much, but that visit sounds terribly awful. It's probably because for 7 years I had to visit once per month. I've had cleanings, 4 baby teeth pulled, sealants, dental metal things cemented on, taken off, adjusted, molds taken (which always made me gag), etc...I'm just really glad I've never had a cavity (no idea why, I don't brush as often as I should). The one thing I hate is the flouride, the taste is icky. But *hugsess*

Be careful with the hydrocodone stuff, they're opiates and make you very sleepy and giggly, and they cause constipation. Although maybe that will counteract the antibiotics. I think I have IBS or something cause I always have stomach troubles...I feel ya there.

And I hope you know you can always talk to me if you need to.

Miss you.

poor babe *cuddles* teeth suck! *g* it's nice being doped upto the eyeballs you know? well it's nice to know your still alive... :) well anyways *cuddles* miss you and come and talk to me at some point!


Hey there, rho. I decided to check out your journal after hearing awful nice things about you from kamara. You seem pretty darn nifty, so I was wondering if I could add you. =]


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