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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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A better day (so far)
delirium happy
Well, today has been rather better than the past few days. For starters, my mouth is only hurting a bit right this second. Now, admitedly it's been hurting on and off for approximately forever, so it might start being agony again later, but I'll take the good bits when I can get them. Also, I was complaining at my dad last night about the dreadful mouse on this machine, so he decided that we'd go out and buy a new one today. So that's what we did. We went to Curry's and he bought a niceMS intellimouse optical. Of course, what with this being a win95 machine, and me being a doofus and not thinking of that, I can't actually get the wheel or the extra buttons to work, but it's optical, and it works, and it's a nice shape, so even without a wheel, it still gives me lots of extra functionality.

This would be a Good Thing in and of itself, but apparently my dad got a bonus at work recently, and was in the sort of mood for spending money. So as well as the mouse, this computer now has a working set of speakers again, so I can now listen to music while online while I'm here. I also have the DVD of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. More Good Things.

But it gets better. Walking past a computer, I commented on the niftiness of one of those flat monitors -- the ones without CRTs that I can't actually remember how they work, but are very cool. My dad asked how much they were, so I went to look, and it was £300 for a 17" one, and my dad said he'd get me one. I blinked a bit, since that was just about the last thing I'd been expecting, but I did have the sense to say not to get a random one from Curry's, but let me actually research the gits so as we could get one that was actually decent for the price. At this point, I realised that he was wanting to spend money, so I pointed out lots of other stuff that I'd like. From the general way that he responded, I wouldn't be at all surprised if he decided to buy me a monitor, a DVD player and a games console. I'm not counting my chickens yet or anything, but it seems a fairly good bet. Colour me shocked, but tickled pink. My dad is clearly quite insane, but I'm certainly not going to complain. I need to go and do some research to figure out exactly what I want now.

Note for support folks: yeh, I know that I'm really behind on stuff that I need to be doing, but shit happens, and I can't cope with support over crappy dialup while feeling shitty. I'm hoping to be able to catch up at least a little bit tonight, if my mouth doesn't start being very hurty again. Sorry to everyone who I owe stuff to.

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we want you happy rho... whatever it takes :o)


Get a Samsung. Iiyama are excellent monitors, with excellent CS, excellent picture quality, but their reliability sucks. Big time. I've only got this monitor for 3 1/2 years, but its my 9th, all replaced under warrantry (3 years onsite). I've got a crappy 10 year old 14" Samsung on my right, which is still working even tho its has been abused from day one. On my left is a second hand 17" extremely budget Samtron which I'm well impressed with (not even flat screen, but the quality's excellent for the price)


Glad you got a nice MS Intellimouse for the computer - that has to improve the computer a little bit. Shame that you're still stuck with a P75 with a 33.6k modem (I remember the time when I orgamsed when I got my 33.6k modem. Sad really)

Hope your mouth feels better soon!

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