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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
I'vjust been pondering one of life's little mysteries. Why is bread sold with flour on it? Do people who aren't me actually enjoy the taste of flour? Do other people like getting little white marks down their clothes? Why do they do this? Does anyone know?

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Two theories:

a) it's some kind of conspiracy to prevent the consumption of bread products by the goth community.

b) by sprinkling flour on bread/buns/whatever, it suggests that they were produced in a flour-rich environment such as a good old-fashioned bakery, as opposed to a supermarket's cheap&nasty sliced bread factory, even though the bread itself is as cheap, nasty and sliced as it comes.

Well, when baking bread, you tend to end up with a little bit of flour on the top and sides, just from allowing it to rise in a floury environment. I also end up with cornmeal on the bottom, since I use a baking stone. The only exception would be french bread, since the water and egg white mixture dissolves any remaining flour.

Of course, I brush all that junk off my bread before serving.


I haven't a clue, but I hate that. Especially when there's a big chunk of flour stuck to it that either falls all over the place or ends up in your mouth making you want to gag.

I'm actually ok with the flour. Is that weird?

Nah, I kinda like the flour personally...

I love the floury bread. Especially the floury morning rolls.

1. it's one of the cheapest loaf decorations there are.
2. it's "old-fashioned-not-full-of-preservatives-and-processed-flour" looking.
3. it makes bread smell fresher, longer.

but it's messy and gross to eat :op

I enjoy the texture of floury bread.

I feel deprived. I've never seen floury bread. Not even when I bake my own. But it sounds disgusting.

maybe the pan is coated with flour to keep it from sticking, and/or the bread is coated so the inside of the bag doesn't stick to it?

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