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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
I just got a black screen of death. I've never had one of them before. Lots of blue ones, but never a black one. I'm strangely excited about this.

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so exciting, you thought of me.

you strange bunny.. ohh wait your a sheep....

Don't think I have ever met one of those, but then I am not running a machine as old and wehatnot as yours ;)


Oh well you can now say "I'm so goth even my BSOD is black"


I have had shiny striped multi-coloured screens of death. That was fun.
I can't even save a picture of them. Wait, maybe next time I'll take a photo of it.

I made my Blue Screen Of Death red-and-black instead, to convey that sense of Things Going Horribly Wrong more expressively.

The best BSOD I've had so far though would be on a Win2k box in Anglia Polytechnic University, which did a most spectacular coredump in bright-white on normal-BSOD-blue for me. Yummy scrolling hex values. Much fun. (Except for it eating the email I was writing at the time, which was a pain.)

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