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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Good day
delirium happy
Today has been a Good Day. Two things of note have happened today:

I have finally got around to sending emails off to various universities, asking if it's worth my while applying to them. So far I have one reply, which I got almost straight away, from the university of Hertfordshire, saying that they'd be delighted to receive an application from me (which I'm sure will please sath). Hopefully I'll get a lot more replies tomorrow. I've also sent off to UCAS for them to send me an application form. Yes, I really am going back to university this autumn. Yay.

I have also set things in motion to hopefully get my hands on an iBook. I'm planning on using the offer to buy tech for me from my father, plus selling him my old athlon 500 (he wants a better computer than his current P75 -- he wants to learn, but that's too slow for him, so he doesn't learn, and because he knows nothing about computers, buying a brand spanking new one seems a little silly -- I can also nab one of the P75s from here, maybe soup it up a little, and use it as a smoothwall box) plus spend some of my own money. What this would essentially mean for me is that I lose about £250-£300 and an athlon 500, whilst gaining an £800 iBook (mmmm, laptop. mmmmm, OSX) and an old P75. Which i think is pretty nice really. My dad has agreed to this in principle, pending me collecting together a more concrete set offigures. Yay.

I also managed to eat some proper food earlier (potato, bacon, egg) and my mouth didn't respond too badly. Opening my mouth too wide and chewing isn't all that pleasant still, but I did manage to eat. Yay.

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I'm jealous of your potential iBookness.

Let me know how the figure seeking goes, if you want ideas and feedback on ideas lmk ;)

Yay to being abe to eat real food. hurty mouth is not good...


Yay, it's my alma mater! (Excuse the obscenely long sig.)

Yay for good news! The universities are all going to want to fight over you, you should make it into a bidding war. :)

iBook... Yaya!

I had an interesting dream the other day about going to visit you by way of emmavescence. Very strange, and quite real.

I'll have to tell you about it, but right now I'm just too tired, and in a bit of a rush.

Seems to be the story lately.

OTOH, my dad just said he's sending me a new modem. Wow.

Good luck on the Uni thing!

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