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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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"Rule 4 -- spammers smell"?
delirium happy
I had a nifty dream last night, which I just recounted on IRC, and was persuaded to repeat here, so that you all get a chance to realise just how much of a freak I am.

Some annoying git was spamming suggestions, support_syn and the support board. I can't remember what it was that they'd been spamming it with, but it was something annoying, like pr0n. With tasteless pictures of the variety that you wonder just how anyone can find them even remotely appealing -- I'm sure you know the type. But anyway, being a sane little geek like I am, I was pissed off by this spamming, and as luck would have it, I ran into the spammer later, on a bus. On the upstairs bit of a double decker bus in fact. Recognising the spammer, I started laying into him and generally farting in his general direction. The rest of the bus then joined in hurling insults at him; notably Andrew Wilkinson (who I went to school with until I was 18 -- I think we'd been playing scrabble) said that his grandmother had told him that the spammer smelled. I told the spammer that I was thinking of reporting him to LiveJournal abuse. He responded by laughing at me for not being decisive and only thinking about it, so I explained that before I bothered the abuse team, I wanted to read the terms of service to check that he was actually breaking the rules. At this point bubba (support's most dreamed about individual, because he really is that damn cool) /queryed me (because, you know, a bus and IRC are the same thing really) and explained that if he'd posted crap somewhere once then that wasn't actionable and would be closed, no action taken, but if there was evidence of him doing it multiple times, or if he did it again at a future date then they'd be able to suspend him. Naughty Bubba, revealing abuse policies like that. And then I woke up. And tried not to laugh. It was a fun dream.

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*pats on head and passes a tub with pills in* please take some of these *g*

Can I drive the bus? :)

... Indeed... Though I've had weird dreams about people I knew online and existing in some kind of ethereal semi-logical life structure with them, never have I queried on a bus or, indeed, heard from a school friend how spammers smell.

because, you know, a bus and IRC are the same thing really
They are! They are!

And I'd call you weird and a looney for dreams like that - but eh.. you know that :)

And on a random side note - the label in the back of this shirt is killing me. Scissors yes. Need scissors..

cool, I wish you could /query people in real life.. sometimes in dreams I have to press space bar to open a dialog box for a person.. and sometimes I navigate around my dream by referring to a map in the bottom right of my vision.. is that as good as IRC Bus? :)

*hurts self laughing* Hi. I just came across this in someone's memories :)

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